Boris Yeltsin’s son-in-law resigns as adviser to Putin


Sources close to Valentin Yumashev claim that he resigned in April on his “own initiative”.

Vladimir Putin at a conference in the Kremlin.
Vladimir Putin at a conference in the Kremlin.Mikhail Metzel / Sputnik / KremlinEFE
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Valentin YumashevThe son-in-law of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin who helped Vladimir Putin To seize power, he has resigned as an adviser to the Kremlin, according to the Reuters agency, citing two sources close to Yumashev.

Yumashev Work as an Unpaid Consultant and one was limited effect About Putin’s decisions, but his resignation represents a fixed point and a part of the previous Yeltsin government, which defended liberal reforms and rapprochement with the West.

On February 24, Putin ordered invasion of ukraine What Western powers consider an unwarranted invasion and Moscow qualifies as a “special military operation” necessary to protect the Russian-speaking population of eastern Ukraine.

In March, Anatoly Chubais, another veteran of the Yeltsin era, stepped down as special envoy to the Kremlin. Also this month, a Diplomat of Russian mission to UN in Geneva resigns With strong criticism of Putin.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Pekov declined to answer when asked about Yumashev’s resignation. For his part, Yumashev has not responded to Reuters after trying to contact him.

Lyudmila Telen, deputy executive director of the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center, a foundation where Yumashev is a member of the board of directors, told Reuters that Yumashev left office in april, He asks why, he assures that it was due “Your Initiative”,

Another person close to Yumashev, who has requested anonymity, also confirmed he left in April.

During Yeltsin’s presidency, between 1991 and 1999, Yumashev served as advisor to the president and later as chief of staff. He is married to the daughter of former President Tatyana.

It was not until 1997 that Vladimir Putin entered the Kremlin as a middle-ranking officer, until he was promoted to deputy chief of staff a year later. that climb served as a springboard Putin was anointed as Yeltsin’s successor and won the 2000 electionAfter Yeltsin stepped down from the presidency.

Despite the fact that Putin’s policies distanced himself from Yeltsin over time, the Russian leader maintained ties with the family of the previous president.

Indeed, according to the Kremlin website in January 2020, Putin had met Tatyana at her home to congratulate her on her birthday.

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