Boris’s “toast” in the middle of ‘Partygate’


The British prime minister is accused of “lack of leadership” for keeping the parties in complete confinement and failing to follow health protocols

Boris Johnson at a party during the second lockdown.
Boris Johnson at a party during the second lockdown.ITV News
  • United Kingdom ‘Partygate’ investigation extends to social events at Johnson and his wife’s private home
  • London Boris Johnson admits “harm and anger” caused by ‘Partygate’ and apologizes in parliament

pictures of boris johnson Delightfully toasting wine in the second COVID lockdown with Downing Street staff on 13 November 2020 ‘Partygate’ scandal has been reopened Scotland Yard closed the investigation five days later.

The images, revealed by the ITV network, are among more than 500 photographs investigated by London Police, which, however, Exempted the ‘Premier’ for attending this party and fined only £100 (118 euros) for the celebration of his birthday in June 2020.

The circulation of the photographs prefaces the full publication of ‘Partigate’ internal report of high civil servant Sue Grey which threatens to reactivate political pressure on the prime minister. According to several British media, Johnson also had a meeting with Gray prior to the partial and censored dissemination of the report, which was still Directly blamed ‘major’ for “lack of leadership” For allowing the celebration of 12 acts investigated for alleged violations of COVID rules.

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