Boys, superheroes and punk are back


The third installment of Prime Video’s Imperfect Heroes leads to chaos and self-parody. High, fast and strong.

Pictures from 'The Boys'
Pictures from ‘The Boys’

third season of boys (Amazon Prime Video) continues with the stakes made by the comic of the same name in which it is inspired, but raises the stakes almost to the limit. That is to say, in this universe of mediators and mediators superheroes, good -Joe, no longer, the hero- who opposes them and tries to stop their collateral damage. Or, at least, to remember that the train dilemma changes a lot if the driver is a coke-edged freak who’s going to decide to ditch a family or school based solely on ratings.

But what makes this series one of the best in recent years is its absolute commitment to itself, whatever it is. Create an ode to the chaos and paint the critics with a wide brush and a jar of viscera, And boys Taken seriously, she’d just be one of the bunch. Fortunately, she laughs at herself first and her audience third. Second, from the same industry that gives it life. And from Marvel, of course. Fuck Marvel.

All these instruments are arranged with harmony and success, but without inflating. This is not classical music, this is punk. And punk, beyond music or aesthetics, has attitude. It didn’t matter if Cojo Manteca listened to Mossades instead of Escorbuto, because Soul Goon It came out of his studs when he hit Urban Furniture with crutches. Even a Chihuahua has this rebellion if he prefers to urinate on an electric scooter than in the pits.

Journey has been peculiar since the first season, because, instead of settling down and going for the easy and known, to continue the musical similarity, it has sought more powerful bass lines, more malleable riffs and drums than it already has. There should be a road. Triple pedal to hit the bass drum. high, fast and strong, but at an Olympic Games in which Greco-Roman wrestling was literally kicking Nazi Captain Marvel. Season 3 turns up the volume and the dial is longer since 11 has passed.

This, of course, would not work if the actors were able to transmit and receive not only their roles, but also in this general role. Spirit and attitude, go. And yes, they’re all awesome: a . From Giancarlo Esposito doing what already seems to be happening Giancarlo Esposito, a colby minifi Royal moved from his secondary role to such a level that neither could clear the balls against Vallejo City.

However, a special mention should be made Karl Urban and Antony Starr, First, with that beard and that jacket that smells of musk, tobacco and bad whiskey from the living room and a look between the gross and the crazy living in the pit of the stomach. Second, as in his role superman philofascista, it has a magnetism that is dangerous unless you bring the credit card close to the screen as it charges it. There are no Emmys in the world to reward her work and it doesn’t matter, because they are not giving it to her. But that’s not the point. Because that’s what punk is about.

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