Brazil summons Apple to explain a problem with AirPods that caused irreversible hearing loss to a child


The Brazilian government gave the multinational a 72-hour period to explain itself after it was condemned in the US for harming a child under the age of 12.

Brazil summons Apple to report AirPods problem that caused
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The Brazilian government established a 72-hour period for Apple to provide an explanation about the safety of AirPods, headphones with a connection to a device via Bluetooth, after it became a multinational. I condemned America For loss That team apparently caused a minor.

The portfolio said in a statement that this Monday the US company was notified by the Justice Ministry’s National Secretary of Consumer Defense.

The body linked to the Ministry of Justice said it had chosen to request Clarification after access to open process against Apple in California court (United States) after a couple condemned that their The use of headphones caused irreversible loss of hearing to a 12-year-old son.

“it is us Investigating potential defects and resulting risk to health and safety Brazilian consumers. Brazil’s Justice Minister Andersen Torres said in a statement that the company intends to act in a transparent manner and cooperate with national and international authorities in the immediate explanation of the matter.

The ministry said it decided send a notification That’s why About what happened, Apple Inc. did not explain in BrazilNor did it alert consumers and competent authorities to perceived risks in the process in the United States.

The ministry upheld its decision in an article in the Consumer Protection Code which establishes that a company Cannot offer a product or service to the Brazilian market that presents a high level of harm or risk for health or safety.

Lawsuit against Apple in the US

According to information revealed last week, Apple in the United States was sued by a Texas couple who alleged that their son, who is currently 14, suffered a hearing injury while using the devices. .

According to the complaint, Minor used AirPods while playing Thin layer When the signal was interrupted on the Netflix platform a loud alert from the headphones, which caused injury to his ears, affected his eardrums and caused Permanent hearing loss.

loud sound a. was caused by “Amber Alert,According to the plaintiffs, an early signal system that is activated in media and telephone calls in a certain community in the United States when a minor goes missing.

Last March, part of Consumer protection fined Apple in the state of Sao Paulo 10.5 million reais (about two million dollars) for selling an iPhone without a charger and misleading advertising about the water resistance of its devices.

The penalty was justified by practices harmful to consumers, According to consumer advocate Procon, the “outrageous practice” of selling its new smartphones without a charger, as an accessory “needed and necessary for its operation”.

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