British Conservative MP arrested for rape


The suspect also faces charges of “improper conduct in public office.”

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A British Conservative MP has been arrested rape suspect and sexual assault. Scotland Yard Confirmed arrest but has not yet disclosed the identity of the suspect, who also faces charges of “improper conduct in public office” and abuse of a position of trust over the alleged victim.
A Scotland Yard spokesperson confirmed that The complaint against the deputy was filed in 2020, But the incidents being investigated took place in London (at an unspecified location) between 2002 and 2009. Sources close to the investigation revealed Guardian There may have been some alleged sexual abuse Inside Parliament.
The new incident takes place a few days after the “Tory” dept. Imrad Ahmed Khan In 2018 a 15-year-old boy was found “guilty” in a sexual assault trial. Khan, 49, initially denied the allegations, but eventually resigned on May 3.
Two weeks ago, the Tory Conservative deputy also resigned. Neil Parish, Condemned by two colleagues who shocked him watch porn on your mobile during the parliamentary session. Parish, 65, initially declared that it was an “accident” and eventually admitted his guilt, describing it as a “moment of madness”.
A spokesman for the conservative parliamentary group confirmed the news of the new arrest and said the deputy has been warned “to stay away from parliament” while the police investigation continues. conservative leader House of Commons Mark Spencer Committed to raising the standards for future candidates, beginning with special elections to fill new vacancies in June.
The last three cases, with sexist comments on Labor number two, Angela Rainer, I have spread something like a #MeToo moment westminster, Dozens of delegates publicly condemn the culture of masculinity and sexual harassment within parliament.

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