Broad Goring for Rafael Gonzalez in his substitute at Las Ventaso


Cornada to Rafael Gonzoo
Cornada to Rafael Gonzalezalfredo arevaloPlaza 1

In the end Rafael Gonzalez came extremely close, with the alternate bull being defeated from above by Bernadinas. “Keep going, keep going!” was the voice of her manager, Julien Guerra, directing the child—not encouraging, but pushing—throughout the task. Terrible acrobatics, in a flurry of desires to stop. Piton sank through the upper thigh almost through the pelvis. He survived other blows on the ground. His gesture of pain betrayed Goring, inability to support the leg. I tried to continue against all the arguments but it was impossible. Prick. The pain that no one was forcing him to retire. She didn’t either. In the end, the cause prevailed, and Bullfight director Juan Leal forced him to withdraw. And it fulfilled its task. Gonzalez did so well in the first part of the task that lasted until the bull of the fiscal year, that he didn’t forget his guilt of letting go of the face when he wasn’t sought down. At the turn of an almost circular change of hands, he said no more. With a feeling of bleeding profusely, RG was taken to the nurse. Lil remained in front of Galds as his partner.

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