Brussels believes that Algeria has violated agreements with the entire EU and urges it to reform immediately


He warned that “the EU is ready to face any coercion against Spain”, but “continues to support dialogue to resolve the disputes”.

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Spain had come for Brussels In search of political power, the institutional support of 27 states, the greatest commercial power on the planet, and returns home with him. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albers, has made an urgent trip to the community capital (canceling a planned trip to the US) to meet the Vice President this Friday. Valdis Dombrowski, Responsible for trade, and resolution of the crisis with Algeria. On Thursday the commission showed its “extreme concern” about what happened and today it has gone ahead, warning Algiers to defend its own “to face any coercive measure”. is ready”.

European sources suggest that there may be some staging in the Belgian capital today in the crowd, meeting and the minister’s presence, as the same result would probably have been achieved without the need for travel. But they understand that Spain has landed in a very complicated situation and will need all possible help to get out without too many injuries.

Continental Technical Services is still not very clear about the implications of the impacts made or announced by the North African country. But while on Thursday he sought more space to study the results in detail, today the higher officials have become even more wetter. In a joint statement requested by Spain, Vice President Dombrowski and the High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, explained that Algeria’s decision to suspend the Treaty of Friendship and Good Neighborhood Relations signed with Spain in 2002 “appears to be in principle”. is” breach of agreement EU-Algerian Association, Especially in the field of trade and investment. This would result in discriminatory treatment of an EU Member State and would negatively affect the exercise of the Union’s rights under the Agreement.”

The EU has some competence in matters of foreign policy, but all in commercial matters. It is the commission that negotiates with third countries, which sign free trade agreements. And the one who keeps an eye on its integrity as well. The Vice President emphasizes that what happened was viewed with “great concern” from Brussels and claims to “evaluate the implications of Algeria’s actions, including instructions given to financial institutions to stop transactions between the two countries”. The House (led by a Spaniard), which is the legal representative of the Services, considers it a violation of an existing agreement with the entire European Union.

The language, very careful, is a small level jump compared to the day before. The EU reminds the Algerian government that third countries’ bilateral relations with individual EU member states are part of their relationship with the EU. that it cannot punish one member and expect the rest to look the other way, because “unity and solidarity within the EU is essential to protecting our interests and values ​​in our relations with all countries” In addition, trade policy is the EU’s specific competence, and the EU is prepared to deal with any coercive measure applied against an EU member state”. If you mess with one, you mess with them all.

That said, and in keeping with the forms, the statement made public at the end of the meeting emphasizes that “the EU is in favor of dialogue to resolve the disputes. We are in close contact with the Spanish government.” and are contacting the Algerian authorities to quickly clarify the situation. Algeria is an important partner for the European Union in the Mediterranean Sea and a key player for regional stability, and we believe, our strong and long-term partnership On behalf of the United States, a prompt solution will be found to fully restore trade and investment relations. We are ready and ready to support these efforts,” the commission says in passive-aggressive language. It emphasizes ties that unite the two sides, but demands, based on that “solid union”, that the executive withdraws before it is too late. Without concrete threats, marking the next steps, but explaining through more thoughtful channels that it will be inevitable if, beyond words, the Algerian threats are put into practice.

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