Buesa returns ‘head of Bacchus’


This Roman sculptural relic disappeared 46 years ago in excavations around Vittoria

Missing bust of Bacchus.
Missing bust of Bacchus.drink

john busseFernando Buesa’s brother, murdered by ETA, has returned him ‘Chief of Bacchus’, A sculptural relic from the Roman period, which disappeared 46 years ago in an excavation on the outskirts of Vitoria. The recovery of the archaeological remains comes four months after the Deputación de Lava condemned the disappearance before justice, pointing directly to Busa, a sympathizer of the PNV, who has worked as a field engineer at Basque institutions. . Buesa announced yesterday before Vittoria Investigative Judge No. 3 that he leads the investigation declared under summary secrecy.

Head of Bacchus It’s already Lava. is in the Archaeological Museum of And everything points to the fact that during the last few years it has been occupied by John Busa. The relics will already be under the protection of the provincial council, although both the museum responsible and a spokesman for the regional institution have refrained from confirming where it is, following the directions of the Inquiry Judge.

Last January, the Provincial Council of lava formalized a complaint about the disappearance of this relic that some sources date to the period of Roman domination, although it cannot be ruled out that it was around the 11th century. A replica may have been created. The head of the statue of the Roman god Bacchus was part of the site around Vittoria and was Found in 1976. However, the ‘Bacchus fragment’ was not included in the list of relics managed by the institutions of lava, but probably ended up in the hands of John Busa.

the disappearance of this statue remained silent till 2019 When alerted by news reports, the provincial council of Alwa decided to conduct a legal study as to who could claim their property. “It was through our conversations with Ertzantza that it was decided to take the issue to the prosecutor’s office and for our part we filed a complaint to try to recover the above piece, public domain.” But its return and its definite inclusion in the public domain.” BIBAT-Museum of the Lava Archaeological Collection”, outlined the official sources of the Alava Provincial Council.

Advised by the Prosecutor’s Office to make a public request to return the statue, the Foral Society filed a complaint with Justice. Four months later, John Busa has returned the ‘head of Bacchus’ and it is still unknown whether the judge will charge the PNV terrorist with the crime.

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