Bullfighting with San Isidro revived inkeeper: “It was about time”


With the return of the fair, the bars and restaurants around Bullring are on the verge of suffocating due to Kovid.

Mask of La Tenta on the Tuesday before the Third Festival of San Isidro
Mask of La Tenta on the Tuesday before the Third Festival of San IsidroAntonio Heredia

The thighs of many hoteliers in the sales area are still in the grip of the epidemic. “It’s been a disaster.” “We have put the place up for sale.” “We’ve had a really bad time.” For this reason, the protagonists of these testimonies unquestionably follow the philosophy of the motto that Plaza 1, a memorial company, has chosen to promote the return of the fair after a forced two-year hiatus: San Isidro returns, life returns, And so much. Be aware that there is no bull without food, without pre and after discussion, The owners of the surrounding premises are already rubbing their hands so that the return of the bulls means getting back what was lost And to be able to look to the future with optimism.

It is precisely this optimism that provides one of the great meeting points around Las Ventas, Taberna. the lure (Alejandro Gonzalez Street, 7). Under the management of Cesar Molero, the venue has established itself as one of the most popular in the area among fans who pack the establishment and the surrounding area every day. For the latter, there’s good news: new regulation that allows, for up to two hours before and two hours after bullfights, the consumption of food and drink outside the façade of each venue. “it was time”Confirms Caesar, who feels hurt by the football and who now faces the fair with gusto.

Leandro and Roberto Gil (Abanto Restaurant).
Leandro and Roberto Gil (Abanto Restaurant).

For those who prefer indoors, La Tienta has a larger, renovated living room, a lower dining room, and a novelty: a reserved annex for more privacy for groups.

The common denominator of restaurants in the neighborhood that includes La Tienta is Oxtail. with the permission of Toribio House (c/ Cardenal Beluga, 14), don’t miss this recipe abanto restaurant (London Street, 39). With a new air, but with the same essence of Casa Leandro, Roberto Gil has taken from his father, maintaining the family’s classic recipes such as the aforementioned oxtail – his mother, Telli, continues to cook tripe and lamb sweetbreads. , but in turn updating a menu in which Glazed Zamburias with Sweet Potato Puree, Potera Squid, Candied Artichokes or Cheeks in Wine Stand out. All with the added bonus of a renovated terrace where the young mingle with the most experienced of gatherings, making this space a must-see.

Restaurant C
Caesar’s Restaurant

You must not miss this in the bullfighting route of the restaurant in Las Ventas, near Abanto big door (c/Pedro Heredia, 23), a place where, in addition to enjoying specialties such as oxtails, baked monterse or sea oxen, fans can watch bullfights on giant screens, being the headquarters, in addition, bullfighting of three entities : Madrid Bull Association, Los Arenaros Bullfighting Club and International Bullfighting Club. Another bullfighting club from Jose Tomas is headquartered in the nearest bar to Monumental de las Ventas. Only a pedestrian crossing separates the main entrance from the plinth. Caesar’s Restaurant (C/Alcal 204), where in addition to seeing bulls in an interior room, You can taste one of its specialties, rice with lobster, before the bull fight.

The fair is a bullfighting fair for -29 days in a row, but the list of bars and restaurants in the area is almost as extensive as where you can find a bullfighting atmosphere. Must take a tour Macintosh (c/ Alejandro Gonzalez, 6), Garcia House (c/ Pedro Heredia, 30), January II. rinken of (c/ Dr. Gamez Ulla, 6), where do i study (c/ Pedro Heredia, 22), house braulio (Av/ de los Toreros, 43), renewed proud tavernBefore al natural (c / Julio Camba, 7), timbel (C/Alcal 227), El Ruedo (C/Almera, 6) or Sierra House (c / Villafranca, 11)


To end the route (or perhaps better to start it), take a short walk to the other side of the M-30. “This is the most bullfighting tavern in the whole of Madrid.” With that coercion is sold Manolo, the owner of Pontevedra giralda (AV/Donostiara, 6), a small venue that’s 23 years old — “I have the same ones as Michael Jordan”, he says as a riddle — and that takes fans to the April Fair. Not only because of the name, but also because of its decoration based on lanterns, because of dried and scented stick barrels, because of preserved cans and also because of photographs with vintage flavour. Where in Toledo there is no shortage of Luis Miguel Dominguan hunting with one of Manolet, Antoet, El Viti, Camino, Romero or even El Cordobes.

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