Burlesque, the art of femininity where women are the subject (and not the object)

If we read “borlesk” the common thing is not to know what it is about. In other countries, this theatrical spectacle fills clubs and festivals, as in Germany, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom … The star whose extremely fair skin and distressing lingerie makes her an utterly alluring diva. make. But, if we ignore it (as if it were possible), some other names come to mind. Today we contribute three, all located in the capital of Madrid.

This show is close to Cabaret, Varieties and astriptis, but does not identify with any of them. Its iconography refers to us Feathers, Corsets and GlovesRecreating scenes from the 30s, 40s and 50s of the last century.

Despite this artillery, the authentic idolatry of burlesque This is temptation. Its cast is predominantly female, but the “Chanelleros” debate is far from over, discussing the sexualization and objectification of our new representative at Eurovision, on stage they are. female subject, No vase: they rule; They seduce, they control.

Miss Mambo: Beyond Roaming in Panties

Pilar Martin Bravo

Miss Mambo (c/Daoise, 12) is a school of seduction and burden, driven by the alter ego of Miss Mambo herself, Susanna Guerrero. A native of Barcaldo, he has been in Madrid for two decades and in the early 2000s he discovered shows that came from the US via YouTube.

In them, he embodied the ways of the great movie stars of the 40s and 50s he had seen as a child on television, where very powerful women played with subtle and alluring sexuality. He studied acting and on his way to cabaret and musical theatre, he got stuck with the burden, without finding it.

From 2006 she started acting and brought the Madrid scene to life with a season called Viva Las Vegas ClubWhich lasted a whole decade (2009-2019) with different time periods and even organized Burlesque Spain Fest with international stars in 2018.

Now, she has put off pure and simple artistry for a while and focuses more on her school. Miss Mambo’s motto is that we can all be sexy, whatever our body or age. “I’ve never felt feminine and I wanted to be seductive. In burlesque I find that way of bringing out that part of me. I teach how to seduce, which is more than walking in panties For a stage”, Susannah explains.

Burlesque almost served as therapy for her to go through two pivotal anatomy changes in her biography: after giving birth and after cancer and a mastectomy. “Burlesque has helped me save my sexuality and reconnect with my body. i feel super sexy with my scars, I’ve made my way with them,” he admits.

And that’s what she teaches in her school: attitude, empowerment, movement. “Every woman is great and it’s essential that she feel great,” she says. But, wait a minute, the intensity is great, although the key point here is “that burlesque tops is so ridiculous”.

Lady Vita: Miss Viva Las Vegas

round caramel

Patricia Morotte is 29 years old and until a few months ago she made bureaucracy a profession. The ‘girl’, daughter of engineer parents, studied herself and went to work after completing her master’s degree in aeronautics rocket engine test In an aerospace company. “I went to burlesque classes like someone who goes to Zumba, but it started to interest me, I signed up for festivals outside Spain and started working abroad in clubs, theaters…” , explains her stage name Lady Vita.

These are festival competitions and he has won a few (Barcelona, ​​Taormina and Stuttgart). The most recent, at the same time, the most important in the world: it’s new since April Miss Viva Las Vegas, “I’m the first European to win it. Just being there was a dream. It’s like winning an Oscar for an actor,” she says.

Now, she is the artistic director of LeClub, an exclusive club in Madrid, where, in addition, she leads a unique burlesque show in Spain that, according to Morotte, is inspired by Hollywood’s Golden Years: “We are a cast of six actors, all the details are very meticulous, the costumes are handcrafted and this is a fully immersive show of the most classic burlesque”, he explains.

Patricia insists that burlesque is not a show for men, but is designed for women: “Since its origins, the goal has been to admire the beauty and power of women. On stage we find incredible goddesses, Strong and confident.” , to leave.

Evil Eva, Pioneer School

Rebecca Ulken

Eva Garrido is the ‘alma mater’ of the Evil Eva Burlesque School, which she founded in 2004. “90% of the girls who do burlesque in Spain have learned from me,” she says. On the other hand, he had to self-teach, because in those years there was no thread to pull. It now also has a monthly show in the Clamores Room with live musicians.

Evil Eva agrees that bureaucracy tries to reconcile femininity and sexuality, “something that is always as uncontrollable as it is uncontrollable.” “It’s something very powerful, because it teaches you to own your sexuality in a fun and fulfilling way. After all, it serves to be enjoyed,” she says.

And in these difficult times, he clarifies: “There’s no problem when they look at us with eyes of desire. We display our bodies and that’s the response we’re looking for,” he concludes.

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