Calvio accused PP of being “disastrous” and of willing Vox to “distribute arms among the citizens”.


The opposition criticizes the government for its “disastrous” economic policy and highlights “mistrust” among institutions and investors.

Nadia Calvik
Nadia Calvio, during her speech at the Government Control Session.Emilio NaranjoEFE
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The economy returns to the star in the political battle in the next Andalusian elections, with forecasts favorable to the right. The opposition tries to keep the government on the ropes in street unrest, runaway prices, negative reports from the Bank of Spain and suspicions of the European Commission. PP, Vox and Ciudadanos blame the executive for a policy they describe as disastrous and that will not work until the end of 2023 to achieve a real recovery for another year and a half.

Today, in the control session, without the presence of Pedro Sánchez, who is trying to promote Spain to the big international investors in Davos, the first vice president, Nadia Calvio, defended herself against the economic humiliation from the coincidence of PP and Vox. has accused the former of being a “devastating” opposition and, the latter, of being a party that “proposes to distribute arms among civilians” on the day of the massacre of children at a Texas school. The world was shaken.

Both sides have kept their finger on the wound of persistently low economic growth forecasts, in the forecast that Spain would be the last to recover from the pandemic crisis and the war in Ukraine, in affirmations that “we are the worst of Europe” and an executive in a policy that revolves around “lies, arrogance and propaganda”. The First Vice President has denied this “negative” portrayal of the Spanish economy and emphasized that “citizens and companies” are the “centre” of all government strategies. “The Spaniards know it,” he insisted, before confirming that the “worst” in which the country’s “opposition” is set up is “no’ in the corner.”

Against Woakes, Calvio has been even tougher. Iván Espinosa de los Monteros has influenced similar arguments to the PP and described the Bank of Spain’s latest report as “disastrous”, moreover, devoting himself to “attacking” all the institutions the vice president does. those who do not believe in it. Government estimates. The executive’s number two response has struck down the accepted “social shield” to protect and protect citizens and emphasizes that the government’s economic policy has “the confidence of international institutions and investors”.

In Calvio’s opinion, Vox’s purpose is none other than “to generate tension and negative energy”. This is in line with the statement that the Vice President has rebuked Santiago Abascal’s party for wanting to “distribute arms among the citizens”.

The finance minister, María Jess Monteiro, has also faced economic criticism from an opposition, attacking a fiscal policy that focuses on raising taxes when consumption is shrinking and on regional financing that overshadows others. grants privileges. Others forget “equality and solidarity”. Among the Spaniards, as the deputy of Cs, Guillermo Diaz has pointed out.

Monteiro has accused the PP of “always making derogatory remarks” about Andaluca, as well as asking Ciudadanos to “grow his shoulders” in the autonomous community ahead of the June 19 elections. In such a situation, an election debate has broken out in the Congress. A fight in which the finance minister “in all autonomous communities where he has the opportunity to empower the government” has made the orange formation ugly to agree with the PP and remember only regional funding during the “election contest”. is coming”.

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