Calvio highlights AstraZeneca’s commitment to Spain after 93 million investment in 2021


The pharmaceutical company will sign an agreement with the Wall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology to launch the Jose Basalga Innovative Disruption Program in honor of the late oncologist.

AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot;  First Vice President of Government, Nadia Calvik
AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot; Nadia Calvio, the first Vice President of the Government; and Rick Suarez, president of AstraZeneca Spain.David ZorakinoEuropa Press
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All eyes were on the meeting between the economic vice president, Nadia Calvio, and the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragon, which will be held in Barcelona this Monday at a conference organized by the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to honor the figure. late oncologist Josep Basalga, the father of new breast cancer treatments and the concept of translational research, and in which the two politicians will have to meet despite the current tensions between the central and Catalan governments. Calvio was already preparing for the meeting in the morning: “relations (with the government) are in a state of normal and maximum cordiality,” he said, explaining that he had congratulated the regional president and his economy minister, Jaume Gir. is planned. AstraZeneca incident…

However, the coincidence in the act of the two politicians was far from over, ultimately detracting from the prominence that took place during the act held in Barcelona. pharmaceutical company announced 6 million euro investment to manufacture, together with the Val d’Hebrun Institute of Oncology (VHIO), a Research Talent Retention Program To strengthen preclinical and translational research.

The innovation program, named the Jose Basalga Innovative Disruption Program, in honor of the oncologist who died last March of a rare disease and who led both the pharmaceutical company and VHIO’s oncology sector, wishes to Further strengthen Spanish position in global cancer research And the Catalan research enclave already had a major role to play for British pharmaceutical companies. Rick Suarez, CEO of AstraZeneca in Spain, said, “We are determined to continue our commitment to Spain as a strategic enclave due to its formidable biomedical ecosystem, which has become one of the great engines of our company globally. Used to be.”

Putting statistics on that stake, Suarez elaborated that “Last year we invested more than 93 million euros here And we currently have 326 clinical trials going on in Spain, 64 of which started this year. This places us first of all European subsidiaries and second worldwide” in investment in research, behind only the United States.

The new José Basalga innovation program will be for a public-private partnership in partnership with the “Val d’Hebran Hospital” Promoting cancer research that will focus on personalized medicine, in search of a new generation of healing and, what is more important, of genius. With this, we would like to honor the memory of Dr. Basalga, who was not only a brilliant scientist and a very human doctor, but also a brilliant leader and seeker of new talent”, said the company’s global CEO, Pascal Soriot. Underlined the ceremony of Barcelona, ​​which was also attended by former Health Minister Salvador Illa.

The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragon, said that the new program was “promoted by it”. joint venture AstraZeneca and the Val d’Hebron Institute of Oncology will achieve significant advances in preclinical research in oncology and will be one of the best tributes to Dr. Basalga can be given, as it will allow to add energy, talent, professionalism. and resources that lead to the best results.” Aragons also highlighted the “Global Center for Research on Rare Diseases”, which Provide a qualitative leap in this very core area,

Vice President Calvio went a step further at the meeting, saying that even access to new treatments largely depends on this strong position in research. “the fact that Spain second country in cancer research, first country in EuropeThat AstraZeneca has made such a clear commitment to our country with a 20% increase in its staff, the Rare Disease Research Center in Barcelona, ​​consortium with the Val d’Hebran Institute, also the commitment to a hub for innovation of patients in Madrid. To provide digital solutions to help… What it does is reaffirm that our country has an exceptional institutional and human ecosystem that is to continue a benchmark in research,

And this is of particular importance, the vice president insisted, at a time when currently European Fund Next Generation and Vanguard Health PERTE Those who wish to mobilize public and private efforts “to ensure that in the future the national health system will be able to continue funding these individualized treatments that are increasingly expensive, more sophisticated, so that we can integrate them into public cooperation.” grow together.” – private, so that the entire population has access to these state-of-the-art treatments.”

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