Calvio signs an economic deal with Qatar in front of cameras with three men: his Qatari counterpart, Amir and Sanchez


The ministry justifies the image, as in Moncloa there were more women from the Spanish government throughout the act.


economic vice president Nadia CalvioIn front of the camera she agreed to sign an economic deal with Qatar in which she is alone with three men: her Qatari counterpart, the emir and the government’s chairman, Pedro Sanchez, The Services to the Presidency of the Government delivered an image that contrasts with others in which Calvio refuses to pose for being the only woman.

Sources in the Ministry of Economy explained to this newspaper that, although there were only men to sign that economic agreement, more women than men from the Spanish government were part of the event held at the Palacio de la Moncloa, including a third party. Vice President, Theresa Rivera and Minister of Industry, hit the kings and other high officials.

The signing of this type of agreement could be done behind closed doors without cameras, but Moncloa wanted to give maximum importance to the understanding with Qatar and Calvio agreed to sign this specific clause of economic cooperation.

The image comes a week after she refused to pose at another event because she was a single woman. It was with the organizers of the ‘Madrid Leaders Forum’ event. He explained that, previously, last February, Calvio had already warned that he would “not take photographs” or “participate in debates” in which “was the only woman”, “There are many incidents in which I am the only woman because I am the minister,” she lamented.

One of the organizers of the event that was turned down, the president of the Madrid employers association CEIM, miguel garridomade this comment on his official Twitter account when he saw the image of Calvio next to the Cathars. “A week ago she withdrew from a photo because she said she would never do it when she was a single woman. I think she realized it was an absurd situation. I’m happy for her correction.”

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