Camilo: “I’d love to say I’m a normal person, but here’s a lie: my life is like a movie”


The artist begins his new world tour in Spain, ‘from the inside out’, with stops in 17 cities

Colombian singer Camilo announces his new tour
Colombian singer Camilo announces his new tourSony
  • Interview Camillo: “God sent me to make music

“I’d love to say that I’m a normal person living normal things, but here’s a lie: My life is a film life.” Camilo Echeveri Correa (Medlon, 1994) grew up in Colombia of a thousand colors with a guitar under his arm. His cool pop has united and carried generations best figures, He is now returning with his third album and a daughter who will accompany him on his second tour. Although he doesn’t want to define himself, Camilo admits that he doesn’t want to share all the disappointments he experiences and dreams of; That is why he starts with positivity, balancing each and every word in life, he says, like a movie.

How will September’s record be? What has been important?
The most important thing to me is to parade the most sacred things and feelings from the inside out; The real subjects that were dwelling in me. There is a proverb that says that neither trees bear fruit for themselves nor rivers flow for themselves. The most sacred always comes from the inside out, so in my work of making songs I have the privilege of immortalizing it.
Many people claim that your music is romantic and sentimental. How would you define this for someone who is deaf and cannot hear?
Uh… it’s too complicated for me because I’m obsessed with defining myself. And because I always try to break down the barriers that define me so that I can continue to explore the sides of my identity that I haven’t seen before. The gist of my songs is, although it’s lame if you remove the sonority, in the song’s lyrics, for a person who can’t hear them. Ah, that’s a big part of the identity my songs speak about. I would describe my music as honest music, like the actual songs of someone who stopped to observe things around them.
How do you tell Camilo that he makes music?
I will return to the word honesty, to sensitivity, to minuscule. I like to have a telescope but I also like to have a magnifying glass. Look big and small.
And Camilo Echevery Correa?
It’s hard for me to describe myself. Above all because when you describe yourself in a certain way you are putting limits on yourself so as not to mutate and change it, because the tendency is to respect the limits that you place on yourself when describing yourself. So I prefer not to do this.
The tour begins in Pamplona on the 12th. What do you find in Spain that you can’t find elsewhere?
Spain gave me the novelty of meeting the other side of the songs for the first time in my life. The first tour started here last year. I am indebted to this country for its contact and meeting with the people. Some swear that songs are for one, but in reality it only makes sense when they are a part of someone else’s life. Spain gave me that scoop.
How do you manage success?
Enjoying it. at every step. I’d love to say that I’m a normal person living normal things, but here’s a lie: My life is a film life. I have the opportunity to write wonderful songs, travel with my family, stop in the street and say nice things to me, look people in the eye when they sing my songs and feel they identify with them. It’s a wonderful life and more things like this happen every day. Recognitions and Grammys add a lot to the accumulation of blessings but my life is a dream.
We know that your relationship with people begins with the positivism you transmit in everything you do and also how you show it on social networks. What don’t you like about yourself that you don’t share?
There are many things. The things that make a person truly valuable are rarely seen on social media. There are things inside all of them that you don’t like or that embarrass you and that you don’t want to share that much. The frustrations before the song is made, which are never shared on the network. One’s bad mood, sometimes in the case of missing things in his personal life, that despair does not even fit into social networks. It’s also a question that I’m very proud of on the other side that I don’t share. I’m not ashamed to be on that other side at all. No.
What has changed since you first introduced yourself to The X Factor.
Everything is changed. The love with which I approach the guitar hasn’t suddenly changed so much, it’s still the same, like a little boy. But life has changed. I have a family now growing up, I’m a father, I’m about to release my third album, I’m about to experience my second tour. And to think it was like that with 90,000 tickets we sold total and now knowing that with this tour we’re going to get to 200,000… things like that seem like they were commercial wins But those are the things that drive the development of stuff. You take pride in something beyond just how great a commercial logo is. Above all, it gives me a perspective to think about as things develop and how long the road has been and how much I am enjoying it now. I know everything has changed a lot.
From Medellin to the world. How did your childhood influence your style of making music?
In Colombia, in Medellin, in Monterrey, in Bogotá, all my childhood filled me with colours. It’s impossible for someone to write songs that aren’t consistently depicting the impressions that came with you from your childhood. I am very grateful to God for being born in Colombia, a country full of diversity and identity. I feel so proud that, whenever I pick up the guitar to write a song, I throw myself in such diverse places and that’s precisely because of the place where I was born.
Any challenges ahead?
: The first and biggest challenge is that I am a father now. So I am already making a clear impression on this new generation born with Neil.

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