Cannes 2022: Autism Cinema celebrates ‘Top Gun’, and pays tribute and almost apologizes to Tom Cruise


The theater savior actor showers his self-esteem at the premiere of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

Jennifer Connelly and Tom Cruise in The World.
Jennifer Connelly and Tom Cruise in The World.Reuters

The world is upside down. hero of risky business And the father of the iconic sentence Show Me Money suddenly became the biggest attraction at the Cannes Film Festival, for example, by David Cronenberg. And we’re not talking about the red carpet, or not just, but all of it. A giant helmet named Maverick occupies an extraordinary place on the croissant. And it’s at the same time that the Debut Room, which is officially and regularly dedicated to a select few in some perspectiveWith all due respect to the actor, the hero and the fact Top Gun: Maverick (hence the helmet) A gala session. No star, artistic director Thierry Framaux commented a day earlier, having devoted his whole life to cinema like him. No serials, no commercials, nothing… just movies.

Have you felt the pressure of releasing your film on a single platform? that will never happen. nevermind, tom cruise responds emphatic to the host A meeting with more than a thousand recognized people with both a tribute and, in a hurry, a request for apology, If Cannes has nothing to do with Netflix, then Tom Cruise doesn’t either. If movie theaters are the ultimate (and primary) meaning of this invention, Tom Cruise is here to say it loud and hyper. No longer Martin Scorsese, Coppola, Almodóvar or Christopher Nolan, he is now the defining figure of 1980s formula cinema, the industry’s leading figure in its broadest sense. to blame who refuses to bow down. In times of war, enemies of the past can become the best allies.

When this happens, the star appears in black and during the talk hour he does not stop for a second that cinema is his passion, his life and his love. And to be clear, it goes to the beginning of everything. We all have a dream and cinema is mine. i remember when i started TAPS, MS All Dell Honor And on the set of filming I saw myself opposite George C. Scott. it was general patton, I wanted him to tell me everything. I wanted to see how it worked and wanted to know each and every secret of it. And what I really learned is that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I, who had not attended any acting school, who had never before thought about what to do with my life, suddenly realized that I would never leave that state of excitement again. Which cinema gave me. All L.

After the meeting, he hardly gives a chance for anything other than excitement. it will be said that cruise Treats conversation as a state of mind, and generally enthusiastic. He debuted in a film when he was 19 years old and it seems to have continued with almost 60 impossible years. This man in Melenchon, France will be one step away from retirement, He says that he has done the action scenes. In fact, that’s what his interlocutor says with a fake shocked face and he limits himself to answering in amazement: Has anyone ever asked Gene Kelly if he was the one who danced? Of course, he confesses that he is scared, but he is very careful in revealing what is really there. Remember the game that entertained him as a child throwing a paratrooper doll over and over, Even then I was the one who climbed onto the roof to pick him up when he fell astray. I guess the next thing I’ll have to do is with a parachute, he says and laughs. And a room full of it. and gave.

Shortly before the gala began, the screen summarized Kubrick’s career from rain Man passing by magnolia, Collateral, Born July 4 hey next door the color of money by Paul Newman. And all this without forgetting your dance in your underpants risky businessin your sweat top Gun of 1986, his infinite impossible missions or his hilarious vanity Austin Powers in Gold Member, It will be said that Tom Cruise is capable of doing everything from every possible situation. But always remained enamored of himself and the cinema within. I put on a hat and sit in the audience to watch the premiere., I love talking to theater owners. Actually, it is part of my job to talk to all the departments that make cinema possible. I want to understand his work, I want to help him, he commented in Cannes, in Cannes, that he has nothing to do with Netflix. And the world turns upside down.

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