Caracol Room in Madrid closed due to judicial expulsion


Conflict in court between owners and managers

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The legendary Sala Caracol in Madrid, with a history of nearly three decades, closed its doors on 9 June due to a judicial expulsion due to a dispute with the owners, which the hall’s managers want to amend, noting that the situation is “unfair”. Is. ,

As Paco Ibez, spokesperson for the Sala Caracol brand, told Efe, This “controversy” began in 2020, during the pandemic, when they demanded a 50 percent reduction in fares.But the estate understood that “it didn’t proceed” and requested full payment of the monthly payment.

Faced with a situation which they considered “unfair”, the managers of Sala Caracol decided to file a claim for Emparo appealing for the clause. standing case (that is, that an agreement shall remain in force so long as the circumstances existing at the time of its establishment are maintained), which was processed before the Court of First Instance No. 20 of Madrid; The hearing, after several suspensions, is next scheduled for 13 September.

After being sued, the owners in turn filed an oral suit for eviction in Madrid’s Court of First Instance No. 40, and although the managers – according to their confirmation – presented opposition documents in time, Prosecutor’s “surveillance” with “court computer failure” He filed opposition papers without transfer of copies.

But despite fixing it, according to the Caracol Chamber, “the judge categorically refused” to accept the documentation and even described what happened as a “formal flaw”, so The eviction continued its course until it was done on 9 June.

The managers of the Sala Caracol appealed to the provincial court, which will decide this Thursday, June 16 whether the eviction proceeds. On the other hand, there will also be a statement on the security claim filed by the managers on September 13, who will close the room at least until then.

This is a statement Managers assured they never wanted to avoid monthly payments And he regrets that the process could end one of the most important live music venues both regionally and nationally.

“We fought for what we thought was appropriate taking into account the global circumstances and we never imagined that we would receive the inaction and inaction of the judicial system,” he confirms to Caracol.

He regrets that the Alonso family, which has managed the auditorium since 1995, has lost its headquarters “a national and international benchmark in the cultural industry”, but claims that “the Caracol project will not die here, it is part of the Madrid society, our of family and national culture—they conclude—”.

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