Cardinal Sodano, former right-hand man of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, died


The cardinal of Italy, who was tolerant of the Pinochet dictatorship, lived at a high level in Rome and defended the founder of the army of Christ, has died at the age of 94.

Angelo Sodano (left) and Tarcisio Bertone (right) in St. Peter's Square during Holy Week in 2010.
Angelo Sodano (left) and Tarcisio Bertone (right) in St. Peters Square.AFP
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Italian Cardinal Angelo Sodano, number two at the Vatican among the pontificates of John Paul II and Benedict XVI and was involved in a number of controversies that rocked the church, died on Friday in Rome at the age of 94The Vatican made the announcement on Saturday.

Sodano died at the Columbus-Gemelli Hospital in Rome, where he was hospitalized on May 9 after suffering a stroke. complications arising from coronavirus According to the website of the Holy See, contracted a few weeks ago, Vatican News,

Pope Francis reminded this “venerable man of the Church who” he generously lived his priesthood (…) in the service of the Holy See”, in a telegram sent to the family and published by the Vatican.

John Paul II appoints Sodano to become number two in the Vatican Secretary of State in 1991, after making him a cardinal. Officials accompanied the Pope on about 50 trips abroad.

Benedict XVI confirmed him in office Following his election as Pope in 2005. Sodano remained in office until September 2006, that is, 15 years in total.

In 2005, he also became dean of the College of Cardinals, which he directed when Benedict XVI left office in February 2013. But since he was already over 80 at that time, he lost the opportunity to participate in the conclave. Elected a new pope.

In 2019, Francis accepted the resignation of Cardinal Sodano as dean of the College of Cardinals.

Sodano was born on November 23, 1927 in Piemonte (North) region of Italy The second of six children from a farming family. He earned a bachelor’s degree in theology and canon law in Rome and previously became part of the Holy See’s diplomatic corps in countries such as Ecuador, Chile and Uruguay.

In 1977, he was ordained Apostolic Nuncio by Paul VI in Chile, where he held a . had maintained Very tolerant attitude towards the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

At this time, Sodano participated in the mediation of the Catholic Church to resolve territorial problems between Argentina and Chile.

He returned to Rome in 1988 and became Cardinal Secretary of State Agostino Casaroli’s right hand, In 1989 he was appointed Secretary for Relations with the States, a post equivalent to that of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Cardinal Sodano was also in controversy. other than his relationship with Pinochet or his High standard of living in RomeAccording to the weekly National Catholic Reporter, there will also be Protected the founder of the army of ChristMexican Marshal Macial, who died in 2008 and Allegations of sexual abuse against minors old.

The funeral will be held in St Peter’s Basilica on Tuesday in the presence of the Pope.

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