Castellero, the new director of the CNI, speaks of a new phase in the CNI and calls for “a new orientation to ensure communication”.


Minister Robles, once again, thanks the members of the CNI for their work and defends that the relay “is a continuation” in defense.

Esperanza Casteleiro, this morning with Paz Esteban
Esperanza Castelliro with Paz Esteban in Madrid this week.Alberto Di Lolli
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new director of national intelligence center (CNI), esperanza castelliro, speaks of a new stage in the centre. “A new orientation has been opened, with maximum transparency and high-tech training, to ensure communication for the whole society, to face the threats to our country,” assured the new chief of intelligence services.

Castellero, in the presence of his predecessor, peace stephen, which he thanked for his “dedication and work” at the center, was a memory with members of the CNI “fell in an act of service.” She thanked Defense Minister Margarita Robles for her appointment: “She has been the best teacher in a period of hard and exciting work.” “I return to the center where I have given most of my life. And if I am to be born again, I will repeat this adventure.”

For his part, Robles assured that the changes in defense are part of a “continuity.” “This Act does not present anything new, a continuation of the same people,” he said. And he defended a “clear commitment to technology to address the new threats, which are many, that attack Spain They are going to enter with the jawans of CNI and state security forces. We are going to win all Spanish battles”, concluded the minister.

Esperanza Casteleiro takes over as new head of CNI Ministry of Defence And the high command of the service who will now be subordinate to him. Sacked director Paz Esteban is also in his place.

Castellero lands in the CNI, where she has been attached for nearly 40 years, to replace Paz Esteban, the sole victim of the so-called case of pegasus When the nationalists put pressure on the government to “behead”. from government partners, We can do itPolitical responsibilities were also sought for the matter. And his purpose was twofold, the Director of the CNI and the Minister of Defense.

He has also assumed the position of the new Secretary of State for Defense, emparo warcarsWhich till now occupied the Under Secretary of the Ministry. Aradhana Mateos Tejada Took over as the new Under Secretary. She was the General Director of Personnel of the Ministry.

The dismissal of Paz Esteban caused a powerful malaise in the ranks of the intelligence services. They believed that this was an outright rejection of his work and this caused libertarians to doubt his actions in listening.

Appeared in Paz Esteban Congress, in the secret commission of reserve expenses, to explain the inquiry on the free world and to show the judicial authorities of his listeners. Among the investigators President of generality Peter Aragons,

Esperanza Casteleiro was the right hand of Margarita Robles in the ministry, which occupied Secretary of State for Defense,

After the removal of Paz Esteban from the Council of Ministers, Minister Margarita Robles thanked him for his work as head of the CNI and, in particular, for his strict compliance with the law, as well as for his dedication to an organization, To which he has dedicated forty. Years of Surrender. their lives. The minister – who said it was a replacement and not a dismissal – avoided associating Esteban’s departure with either the Nationalists’ wiretapping or security failures on cell phones. Pedro Sanchez, Fernando Grande-Marlaska And the same from Robles.

But the government’s president, during the control session, made a connection between Esteban’s departure and security gaps in government communications.

During the act, Margarita reiterated her defense of the intelligence services. “We have intelligence services made up of 3,000 men and women, responsible, hardworking, generous professionals who risked their lives to work for freedom, security and human rights in Spain and the world.”

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