Castilla y León supports Cantabria’s challenge to the government and authorizes hunting of wolves in the most attacked areas


Environment Minister Suarez-Quiones assured that Galicia, Castilla y León, Principality of Asturias are “coordinated” in a chat

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An Iberian wolf in the center of the Puebla de Sanabria wolf.Alberto Di Lolli
  • environment Cantabria defies government and authorizes hunting wolves in areas most attacked
  • government The Iberian wolf will be unable to hunt anywhere in Spain

Minister of Environment, Housing and Regional Planning, Juan Carlos Suarez-Quioneshas confirmed that Junta de Castilla y Leon “I would do the same as in Cantabria”, where hunting of wolves is authorized in the areas most attacked, something, as he defends, with legal backing,

The counselor has mentioned this matter by meeting with the provincial representatives. fire protection center To coordinate the operations of the summer months against wildfires.

The decision comes after Cantabria authorized the hunting of wolves in areas that have suffered the most attacks and reminded Suarez-Quiones that Both Galicia, Castilla y León, Principality of Asturias are “coordinated”.

In this regard, he stressed that there is A chat in which they talk “despite being from different governments”Many, however, suffer from the onslaught of radical environmentalism unconsciously from the Spanish government.

It is because of this circumstance that they await the necessary legal support “to make every effort within the law”. protect the interests of farmers,

Suarez-Quiones called “the .” has condemned complete irresponsibility“The central executive has left autonomous communities without legal support and 20 million euros for preventive measures and compensatory damages have still not arrived” after making this ministerial order “in an impromptu and sloppy way”.

In addition, he has criticized the Spanish government’s “lack of commitment to the livestock” it attacks, leaving the wolves free and not providing the means to continue reparations.

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