Catalan decree closed the door so that 25% of Spanish directors could enforce it


The Generalitat obliges those responsible for the centers to follow their language policy and exclude Spanish.

Argonne and Cambre at the meeting of the government.EFE

The Generalitat would keep tight controls on schools in Catalonia to prevent any of its directors from being tempted to impose a sentence of 25% of the Spanish, autonomously and in defiance of government regulations.

executive committee headed by Peter Aragons yesterday approved a decree that, beyond explicitly stating its intention to disobey the decision of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC), obliges the directors of the centers to ensure that its language policy Fully corresponds with Generalitat.

The Government directs the non-application of numerical parameters, proportions or percentages in the teaching and use of languages, that is, affirms that it will not set a minimum quota for Spanish as required by the High Court. and, thereafter, it orders public and consolidated schools to elaborate a linguistic project […] that it adheres to the norms set by the department responsible for education, which is headed by the ministry Josep Gonzalez-Cambre,

The Catalan government approves a decree disallowing 25% of Spanish in the school

Later, the government outlined in its decree that the Generalitat would have to validate whether the linguistic project [de cada colegio] complies with the existing rules and if not, request for its amendment. Clearly, the Cabinet of Aragon refers to a law designed by the ERC, PSC, Junts and Commons, which recognizes only Catalans as vehicles and makes no reference to 25% Spanish. Despite the fact that the rule has yet to be ratified – Vox, CS and PP have appealed – the independence parties that make up the government believe it will take the next few days to implement the move designed in order. To circumvent the resolution of the TSJC will see the light to the fullest.

The Generalitat states that the Generalitat will act without prejudice to the autonomy of the centers and with the ultimate goal of protecting the directors. To this end, the decree establishes that the Generalitat bears responsibility for the legality of the language projects it validates.

Cambre is placed in the trigger, but deprives the centers of any room for maneuver to follow the instructions as dictated by Justice. Today the Education Minister will effect this dual strategy by sending special instructions to the school operators. He will do it only on the day when the period prescribed by the TSJC to execute the sentence expires, but more than expected, in order to circumvent it, instead of ordering his subordinates to obey it and the way they are buried. should do, immersion to specify that..

This second package of measures to avoid setting minimum percentage hours in Spanish in centers would not have the approval of the PSC, which yesterday refused to support a government decree when it was presented for verification in parliament, knowing that It is necessary to confirm that it is not cooperation.

A week after entering through the front door in the linguistic quadrant of which the ERC, Junts and Commons are also part, with the approval of a law that the Avis independence movement was going to use to try to shield the immersion, the presidency formed in Salvador Island Opposes the government decree because it does not comply with the TSJC’s decision, does not refer to the curricular use of Spanish, and challenges the courts.

The Socialist tightrope reaches a new height by ignoring in its immediate argument that neither the norm, which it signed less than a week earlier, did not allow Castilians to position vehicles, nor He followed the sentence, as he had not prescribed any minimum percentage. What exactly is a challenge to TSJC’s decision to teach in the common language.

The PSC distanced itself from the government yesterday as if it were unaware of its intentions, but the fact is that Aragon has already announced that it has prepared a decree to keep the immersion in force in talks with the working socialists. who supported it. ,

While the PSC tried to justify its inconsistent position in the race, Aragon claimed to be Catalan in schools and guaranteed the Catalan school model by decree. We defend the Catalan language in the classroom, the president of the Generalitat emphasized in his speech, avoiding any hint of Spanish.

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