‘Catalan TC’ admits that PSC’s linguistic law does not consider vehicular Spanish


Nevertheless, it gives the green light for the norm to be approved in Parliament as it is considered constitutional.

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The Catalan TC has concluded that the law drafted by the PSC does not provide the Castilians with vehicle status to circumvent the 25% sentence with freedom of movement.

In an opinion drawn up at the request of Cs, Vox and PP, the Statutory Guarantee Council certifies that the bill refers only to Catalan as the vehicle language of instruction, whereas it calls for Catalan and Spanish to ‘use the curriculum and’ refers to the language. Educational.

The unit reliant on the Generalitat exposes the party’s arguments for this type of leadership. Salvador Islandwhich defended that its rule guaranteed the nature of Spanish vehicles in Catalan schools, as required by the Superior Court of Justice (TSJC) of Catalonia in its decision.

However, the body believes that the regulations are in accordance with the Constitution and the statute and gives its approval to be ratified in Parliament, which is expected to take place this Wednesday, as the deadline to comply with the decision has been set by the High Court. . ,

The Guaranty Council alleges that the 25% vehicular use rule for each official language established in the TSJC regime does not constitute a parameter of constitutionality or statutory status that binds the legislator and, therefore, obliges him to respect it. Is. , The body – whose resolutions are not binding – thus gives carte blanche to the PSCs, ERCs, juntas and laymen to approve their language law.

The organization seeks to defend its position and, therefore, that of the proposed forces. It should be noted that the Constitutional Court did not explicitly consider it unconstitutional that the law does not include an explicit declaration of the Spanish as vehicles, reads the opinion, which adds: This Council has, along the same lines, stated the fact have considered. That Catalan is the vehicle language of teaching does not in any case imply the exclusion of Spanish as a teaching language.

Their ultimate goal is to fuel a tangible increase in the use of Spanish in schools, which in no case should be in all or the minimum percentage required by the TSJC. Bill establishes widespread use of Spanish in the educational system […] It is considered a use that clearly goes beyond its use as a subject in the teaching of this language alone, the ditch.

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