Catalonia leads business losses until March due to flights of companies to Madrid


Eight out of ten firms leaving Catalonia choose Madrid as their destination

President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragon
The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragon, during his appearance on Tuesday.Quique GarciaEFE

Catalonia is the community that has faced a biggest business turnover loss In this first term of year, after suffering a compass flight-mainly for the community of Madrid- which . represents the total income of 553 million euros.

As per the data of the consultancy, no other region of the country has faced such outflow in terms of billing informa Released this Wednesday. Total, 225 companies The one who registered this combined volume of sales has left Catalan soil to locate his headquarters in another region. Of the 553 million bills emanating from Catalonia, a 82.4% had moved to Madrid.

“Since 2017, Madrid is the biggest beneficiary of the change of address from Catalonia consequently freedom processBut there are other factors that may favor Madrid, such as its geographical location, being the capital, the image characteristics of the region, the number of of standard To apply, to have individual qualification college juniors And this Levy“, he explains to EL Mundo Nathalie Giannis, Director of Studies of the firm.

On this last point, experts recall that although corporate taxation is the same across the national territory, there are still Many more taxes in Catalonia A different regulation than in Madrid and for other taxes such as Patriarchy and Inheritance and CharityWhich usually affects entrepreneurs.

presiding area Isabelle Diaz Ayuso these are the last two tributes 100% Bonus So in practice they are not implemented, something that is very beneficial to the owners of some companies.

Although Catalonia the one who has suffered Biggest drop in business billing 193 companies have arrived with a total sales volume of EUR 406.8 million, with net balance is in the first quarter 32 fewer companies and 146.18 million less billing.

It is the second sector with the worst balance of companies, behind Foral Community of Navarre, who lives with 46 minus; And second also in the loss of billing, behind Andaluca, which has a net balance of 270.45 million euros.

Madrid adds 400 million

madrid a. have community with high positive balance between arrival and departure, because it adds up to that period 88 companies MS, And it is also the highest grosser in terms of billing: €408.96 million, Overall, the sector has received 469 companies while 381 have been transferred. It is the one with the most business movement, followed far behind by Catalonia, with only 193 arrivals (59% less than Madrid) and 225 departures (-41%).

Companies that have moved their headquarters from Catalonia to this community include Viatris Pharmaceuticals -Dedicated to the wholesale trade of pharmaceutical products- With a turnover of more than 220 million euros, the highest transferred in the quarter-; Transportation Company rental and mobility solutions, which rents cars and light motor vehicles with 91 million euros; You Little Forester Espa, Dedicated to the rental of trucks, which invoiced 68.6 million.

He has also moved to Madrid Olivia Petroleum, which is dedicated to the wholesale trade of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels with sales of about 120 million euros, which come from Andalusia; You Asisur 2010An intermediary in the trade of food products, beverages and tobacco, with sales revenue of 43.6 million and is also Andalusian.

In fact, One out of every four companies that Madrid acquired come between January and March Catalonia16% from Andaluca, 10% from Valencian Community and 9% from Castilla y León.

With regard to billing data, companies that changed their headquarters in the first quarter accumulated some Combined income of 1,646 million eurosof which half have gone to the community of madrid (821 million, of which 55% come from Catalonia).

still, Catalonia Some companies have also been found that have decided to leave Madrid, such as agility spainengaged in activities related to transportation with a turnover of EUR 121 million, or chronologyFor the manufacture of paints, varnishes and coatings, printing inks and putties, which reached 46.5 million.

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