Cataract of humiliation from Sánchez’s allies against King Emeritus and the Crown: “thief”, “corrupt”, “rogue” and “cheeky”


United We Can, a minor partner of the government, assures that the monarchy is “an institution designed to commit crimes with impunity”.

Echenique, on King Emeritus’s Visit to Sanxenxo: “He’s Laughing at All Spaniards”
  • Analysis Emeritus’ imminent return causes split in government
  • King King Juan Carlos Sanxenxo this weekend. will return to Spain with a visit to

The return of Juan Carlos I to Spain is already being met with a cataract of disgrace by Pedro Sánchez’s parliamentary allies and by his minor partner in the coalition government who surpass the emeritus figure and already up to the very institution of the Crown. Arrive. ,

The adjectives “thief”, “corrupt”, “rogue” and “cheek” are devoted to these formations by former heads of state. They reprimand him for wanting to return to the country “on vacation”, “to attend a regatta” and to “eat well”, while “laughing at the Spaniards”, and they demand, Al and the monarchy, “the explanation of all the money they have received and from which they have been taken.”

Combined we can focus on questioning the 1978 constitution, which establishes parliamentary monarchy as a form of state and, moreover, the violence of the king. As for the purple formation, it is ratified by Pablo Ichenic, as its spokesman in Congress, for what the Fundamental Law defines as “a monarchical institution designed to commit crimes with gusto.”

For UP it considers “a very serious problem for democracy” because, ultimately, “it allows the monarchy to commit crimes and not be prosecuted.” As for this party, the “corrupt activities” of the monarchy, although they have not received judicial reprimand, “have only a social one” and so they predict that “the republic is getting closer and closer.” The purple people have no hope that the Emeritus is going to offer any explanation to the Spaniards.

The Comproms emphasize that it “has an unbearably rotten smell, so unsavory that it could endanger democracy.” To his deputy, Joan Baldov, King Emeritus “is not untrained in keeping such a stern face” and it seems surprising that the right “attempts to whitewash a scoundrel.” The agreement demands that the monarch “give an explanation of all the money which it has received and from which it has taken.”

JxCAT spokesman Miriam Nogueres has not hesitated to describe Juan Carlos I as a “thief” and has criticized the fact that he can return to Spain “without any problems” while a rapper (José Miguel Arenas, Valtonic referring to) is being properly persecuted for condemning the thief or the former president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, should remain in exile”.

As for the Cup, Journey Emeritus “It would have been a joke if it hadn’t been a scam.” The formation blames the PSOE for its refusal on several occasions to address the king’s violence or to create a parliamentary inquiry commission on the monarchy. For the Cup there is no doubt that “the state of corruption remains.”

Ettore Esteban, on behalf of PNV, believes that the problem surrounding Juan Carlos I is “his image, all his movement, his gestures and behavior and from where his fate comes.” As for the Basque nationalist deputy, “with him will be a lifetime of shame.”

Ms Pass to Iago Arren believes the emeritus has “lost respect for all the Spaniards who have supported them so far.” For the deputy, “their crimes were not prosecuted because they are protected by violence” and it would be an “extraordinary” moment for this constitutional provision to regulate “beyond the fact that the head of state behaves well or is a as a rogue.” Errejn has expressed his “surprise” that there is no one in the King’s House who has given Juan Carlos I “a little bit of modesty” advice.

For his part, Bildu has no doubts that Emeritus’ visit to Spain is “a laundering operation”, but he has warned that it “will not cover the irregularities he has committed”. His representative in Congress, Mertux Aizpurua, has described the former head of state’s return as “a real show in every way”. It has also emphasized that “perpetual violations must be reviewed and regulated” because “both the king emeritus and the present live in impunity.”

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