Catholic Cardinal Joseph Zane arrested in Hong Kong


Religious, a staunch supporter of democracy, has been arrested for enforcing the National Security Act

Cardinal Joseph Zane at a religious freedom protest in 2012.
Cardinal Joseph Zane at a religious freedom protest in 2012.AP
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Elderly Catholic Cardinal Joseph Zen is on the list, critical of the Chinese Communist regime Pro-democracy figures detained in Hong Kong under national security lawPolice and judicial sources of this administrative region of China gave this information on Wednesday.

The Vatican has immediately expressed “concerns” about the arrest. Joseph Zen, from 90Joe was one of the administrators of a fund to help jailed protesters during the massive pro-democracy protests that rocked Hong Kong three years ago, which has now been dissolved.

Matteo Bruni, director of the Vatican Press Office, said: “The Holy See receives the news of the arrest of Cardinal Zen with concern and is paying close attention to the development of the situation.”

The Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong, Cardinal Jane, has recently criticized the Vatican’s decision to reach a Agreement with China on the appointment of bishops in a communist country, A staunch defender of democracy, he has also raised his voice For the rights of the LGBTQ community,

In an interview with AFP in September 2020, Joseph Zane warned about the risk that repression of Hong Kong’s democratic movements could undermine freedom of faith in this former British colony that restored Peking’s sovereignty in 1997. “All over the world we see that if people’s freedom is taken away, religious freedom also disappears”I said on that occasion.

Judicial sources also confirmed the arrest of a key academic specializing in cultural issues at Hong Kong airport on Tuesday. Hui Po-kengWhen he was preparing to travel to a European country to take a university position.

happened Arrested for “collusion with foreign forces”, which was imposed by Beijing in response to pro-democracy demonstrations. Also there are experienced lawyers in the list Margaret Ngo,

A Hong Kong court ruled Wednesday that prosecutors can brand the organizers of the annual surveillance for genocide Plaza Tiananmen as a “foreign agent”, without specifying who the group is accused of working for.

For three decades, the now-disbanded Hong Kong Alliance has held a vigil to remember the victims of the deadly 1989 crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

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