Cdiz. suspended the performance of a chirigota of prisoners at the carnival of


Atonement institutions believe that a “hostile environment“After the information, “which does not correspond to reality” that one of the prisoners was convicted of walking

C.  File photo of the theater flourished during the group's competition for the Carnival of
File photo of the Fala Theater during a competition of groups from the Cadiz Carnival.
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  • coronavirus Cdiz takes its carnival from 2022 to June

The Secretary General of the Penitentiary Institutions has decided to postpone the action which a chirigota of fifteen prisoners of the jail of Puerto III in the group competition of the Carnival of Cdiz (COAC).

“Not being given suitable conditions for the development of the activity, the Center has decided not to be a part of it,” as stated in a note by the Penitentiary Institutions.

“The administration of atonement has a legal obligation to ensure that Confidentiality of data of all persons deprived of liberty“, indicated the institution.

for his part, Cadizu’s City Hallhas said in a statement that the activity, has been prepared in a prisoner reunification projecthas been canceled “after the spread of information that does not correspond to reality about the members of the group who were going to attend the Gran Teatro Fala with Chirigota as a guest Guess the Puzzle SA To sing before the start of the fifth semi-final season.”

This information “not adjusted to reality” indicated that One of the members of the group was convicted of padyatra.

Despite the information being untrue, the Secretary General has decided to suspend it. “Given that after these publications a hostile environment“what could have happened harm prisoners “in terms of their social reintegration”.

This re-integration is also the “primary objective” of the project, in which Only prisoners convicted of minor and third-degree crimes participated.

The City Council of Cádiz “accepts and respects the decision made by the prison authority, and reaffirms its commitment to social reunification” to which it “extends its hand”. Celebrate this initiative in the years to come”He wrote the note.

grouping Guess the Puzzle SA today was going to open as guest on wednesday Semifinals of the official competition of Carnival Groups (COAC).

loss The fifteen prisoners who composed it were going to attend the ceremonywith Nine members of the Puerto III management team and without monitoring by state security forces and bodies, given their profile Low risk and zero risk of breakage,

They were going to showcase a repertoire specially prepared for the occasion and which the center’s management hoped would reflect “Effort and dedication of the participants during these months” Preparing for a performance that they will eventually not be able to perform.

Director of Atonement Center, Esther Serrano EscobarOrganized a meeting with the Mayor of Cádiz, José María González, and the Councilor of Culture and Festivals, Lola Cazalila, with the aim of achieving “the tasks of re-education and reunification of prisoners assigned by the institution”. To promote the project. ,

In addition, it was expected from the direction of the center that the Fala “would reflect the effort and dedication of the participants during these months, with performances worthy of a popular and symbolic festival such as the Cádiz Carnival”.

bet on inclusion

Councilors of Culture and Festivals, before postponing the detainees’ demonstration, Lola Kazalila, had highlighted that “this government team believes that criminal law and such initiatives have a true victory”. fight the stigma The punishment suffered by the majority of those who served and joined the society. “There is a component of not only punishment in the sentence, but also of inclusion, and we bet on inclusion”, he said.

Cazilla underlined that “City of CDs and Fala Theaters have always been supportive and committed places” and “assured that Welcome this Chirigota with fraternity and humanity that characterizes us”.

according to the norms of

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