CDZ – Real Madrid (1-1): Lunin leads CDZ into the abyss and Madrid continues on its way to Paris. LaLiga Santander 2021


Militao’s mistakes, which were gaining momentum after some muscle problems, killed the local people. Penalty awarded to goalkeeper Negredo. Ancelotti gave minutes to Ceballos and Hazard, who returned from their injuries.

Lunin saves Negredo's sentence.
Lunin saves Negredo’s sentence.roman rossoEFE
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the last two days of each Liga They are plays. Pure stress, existence and destruction, a distance fight for life or death with which real madrid has found its way to the end of Champions, group of Carlo Ancelotti ‘Down’ Al Levante sank a bit more with his win last Thursday caddies after the tie new mirandilla, a madrid that Without Vinicius, Benzema, Modric or Camavingasin of laziness sometimes, there was no rest in the last meter and gave too many possibilities For a CDz who didn’t know how to take advantage of the night. With a little more calm, Sergio Gonzalez He could have been saved this weekend, but who can ask for calm at this point.

And that the appointment for the people of Cádiz began to climb. so that Valdano himself, who was by his side AztecaSay a move looks like the all-time goal of ” maradona“Is this action outrageous. In minute 4, Rodrigo Gos Nuevo Mirandilla’s left margin line. where you left elcaraz With a cut to his left, he proceeded diagonally toward the opponent’s goalkeeper, effortlessly . left behind the arrival of lex fernandezarea facing, hiding a luis hernandez to the right and broke him to the left, he was facing the push Wave and i get ledesmawho had beaten him well. There the Brazilian managed to make a soft touch that prevented the goalkeeper from stalling and leaving the ball free for shot. mariano, 0-1.

Lucas Vazquez went straight for the young striker, the former santos, and hugged him before sniffing in response to what he had seen. His appearance in recent weeks has made Madrid dream of a new explosion of one of the teen gems it caught in Brazil a few years ago. Mariano, who kept his hands on his face as a sign of relief after marking, thanked him for the gallop.

A bit that peeked from the top of the CDiz to the precipice second division to Madrid, expressed in get rid ofI weaved a rope to keep him from falling. The Brazilian is a perfect example of what matters to the white team these days. Militao is to arrive by May 28 after recovering from some physical discomfort. competitive pace fit. Rhythm that was not on this Sunday. central emitted signal of doubt and CDs, and especially Negredo and Lucas Prezzo, I took advantage of them. The locals were able to equalize five minutes after Madrid’s attacker scored a brilliant run to beat the weak Militao, but dance The ball reached the Galician’s shoes before he could.

and in the 36after a good stop lunin A few moments ago, the Andalusian people received the prize. Militao mishandled a ball that seemed clear to deliver to Lunin, and the leather came off. ruban nephew, who encountered the area, lashed out and fired several times at Vallejo. The ball hit Militao, hit the crossbar and entered Madrid’s net. Justice for the local push.

return of danger

The second part was almost everything that Cadiz wanted the return to accomplish. Madrid appeared only when cross He changed the passivity of Merengue’s attacks and looked for the goalkeeper with his pass. Ah Asensio, Mariano and Carvajal had options, but they did not succeed. Ancelotti gave half an hour Ceballos already Eden HazardJoe had not played since February, and the Belgian was one of the best in the final stage, despite the fact that he has a long way to go to reach the optimal form that will allow him to participate Parse, that’s what i was looking for caraletto,

meanwhile, caddiesIn a field more passionate than football, he was a prisoner of his emotions. lost the bonfire and mallorca was tied, so a goal left them in the First Division for another season. Very effective negredo The most obvious choice was from eleven meters after being dropped by lunin (after a mistake by Militao), but the Ukrainian held out a big hand to capture the draw. alternative to courtois It was the best in Madrid. He blocked any local attempts and kept his goalkeeper clean during the final stage despite efforts from Negredo, who was the best option with a shot a few meters from the goalkeeper and a header from close range. This is where Lunin always appeared.

New Mirandilla in remission, sank with stand goal mallorca And with the desperation of a draw on his grass. Madrid was not intimidated enough and remained professional in the face of unsuccessful local attacks. Ancelotti’s men continue to travel to Paris and the CDs, now in exile, will play it all in Vittoria.

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