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Liverpool 0 – Real Madrid 1


From Rodrigo’s goal at the San Siro to Benzema’s penalty in extra time against City. Madrid has swam the impossible in this Champions League

Real Madrid fans at the Stade de France.
Real Madrid fans at the Stade de France.Oscar of the WellAFP

“We’ve experienced unique endings, but Like all this champions, no one, In Madrid they still pat themselves in the face to wake them up from the eternal sleep that it is European Cup, born on the left foot of Rodrigo In San Siro And I ended up swimming against the city Santiago Bernabeu Before flying to Paris.

1. Rodrigo’s goal at the San Siro

On the first day of the group stage, fate warned him of his thoughts. Inter dominated in the first half after a tough game valverde kicked the ball camavingahe touched her first Rodrigo And the Brazilian scored with his left foot handanovic, It was the 89th minute, which was stuck on remission. It won’t be the last.

2. Necklace with the Sheriff

worst night In this edition of Madrid. field unknown team transnistria stormed the Bernabeu and caused a small crisis in Chamartin. the goal of bomb to confirm 1-2 in 90 minutes, with risk As a starter, Ancelotti was forced to finish with the rotation, complicating the group’s leadership and causing the squad to blush.

3. Vinicius Exhibition in Kyiv

trip to Kyiv to play against Shakhtar served to see the best version of vinicius, who had already put in some good performances in the league and were starting to go undisputed. Brazil scored two goals, one of them after dribbling past four opponents, and Madrid took a 0–5 draw with which it breathed its way into the standings.

4. Messi’s ex-court sentence

Overcome the group stage after the beating Shakhtar, sheriff I gapMadrid traveled Paris for the first leg of the round of 16 against PSG, their’s ancelotti They were inferior throughout the match and in the 60th minute carvajal fell down Mbappe within the area. This was the beginning of the end. Messi kept the ball eleven meters away from courtois Convinced to impose a decisive penalty. Belgium appeared there to maintain a vital 0–0.

5. MBAPPÉ’s Big Aim in Paris

Madrid managed to endure a goalless draw after being outmatched for 92 minutes, until it appeared Mbappe, French striker received on the left flank, faced Lucas You get rid ofFound between the two and defined first courtois To give the French an advantage before withdrawal. A 1-0 that condemned Madrid to a comeback that seemed almost impossible.

6. Benzema hat-trick for PSG

17 minutes of madness that will go down in Champions League history. If it was already difficult to make a 1-0 comeback in Paris, the goal ofMbappe He denied everything 39 minutes after he returned to Chamartin. but Benzema, in three real actions, placed Madrid in the quarter-finals. caused the failure of donnarumma In 61Defined after a great pass from modric In 76 And I crowned my night 78,

7.Benzema and Stamford Bridge

Six goals in 180 minutesFrom hat tricks Consistently in the knockout stage of the Champions League. Impossible. Benzema scored three goals in Stamford Bridge and put madrid With one and a half feet in the semi-finals. two headers on mendy And another rookie after taking advantage of the defense’s indecision.

8. Rodrigo’s goal against Chelsea

It was the goal of hope and survival. Madrid caught against Chelsea 75 awesome minutes In which he blew off his London lead and found himself on a continental reef. rejected target Mark AlonsoWhat would have been 0-4 would eventually wake up the squad. modric sent an unexpected outward towards Rodrigo That the Brazilian pushed into the net without hesitation. Expansion,

9.Benzema, in overtime

as against PSGfinal impetus of madrid They knocked out Chelsea and reached Ancelotti’s men’s semifinals in extra time. vinicius started on the left, continued until he saw Benzema And put a measured center on the head of the Frenchman. thiago silva He slipped and the ball was free for the Frenchman to shoot at will. 23.

10. Like Panenka in Manchester

madness took over Etihad As chaotic as it is fun in a 4-3. Madrid were losing 2–0 after eleven minutes and their fans were already assuming drama when Benzema reappeared to support the team. 4-2 . After Bernardo Silvaa hand of La Porte This resulted in a penalty for Benzema, who missed by just two inches. pamplona, his solution, a doll Which left everything pending for the Bernabeu.

11. Mendy, On The Line

City won 0-1 chamartin after the goal of Mahrez when Grealish contacted courtois To kill the tie. The British finished as best they could, defeated Belgium and mendyOn the line, saved 0-2, while Madrid were already on canvas.

12.El Pie Day Courtois

Moments after Mendy’s action, Grealish faced again courtois, This time, the flank was not there. Grealish dribbled off the defense and ended up all the way down to the goalkeeper’s left, but the goalkeeper slipped his foot to touch the ball with the stud and drove it just inches from his post.

Rodrigo’s 13.LA Appearance

Just like against Chelsea, Rodrigo He dressed up as a hero. He sent a pass from Benzema in 90 minutes and, in 91 minutes, in a real move, he scored 2-1 that forced extra time. Carvajal focused a ball that Asensio got a little distracted so that he could not reach reben dias And the younger Brazilian led the city defense.

14.Benzema, again in overtime

Once the expansion was forced, fate seemed to be written. City was mentally broken and it was only a matter of time before Madrid took advantage of this. off to a good start Rodrigo, reben dias fell down Benzema And the French scored 3-1 in the final from penalties. So I

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