Champions: 14th or Life: Screening of the Paris Finals at the Bernabeu | champions league 2021


Thousands of fans flock to the Concha Espina Stadium to watch the final on four giant TVs set in the center of the arena. Dearest, Modric. Bell, CT.

Real Madrid fans at the Bernabée
Real Madrid fans at Barnabu’s gate.andrea comaAP
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The Bernabeu is Pride’s headquarters, although the team is changing in Paris. This Saturday thousands of fans flocked to the task of making a new stadium project a mecca of all the nouns that build legend, Concha Espina is a launching pad for voices betting on the new European Cup. From pike to greatness, the focal point of myths is a manna that refreshes the mass of the transcendent. There is a fine rain of collective sweat. There’s a bunch of letters that remember three return paths: Benzema Almost all the benches are invoked.

In the street, there is a man with a blue and purple beard, reviewing the faces of the Madridists. It is most requested in stadium surroundings. He smears color on the cheeks of everyone passing by. “I have come to paint people’s faces because no one paints it for us. We paint it ourselves. Hala Madrid”, he says. His name is Anders. A dozen children respond to his cries at the same time.

-Hala Madrid.

Three friends drink beer. Sergio says, “I can’t predict. Here I can’t give you the result I want.” “2-0”, jumps up another. “3-1. Target by Benzema”, another voice appears.

Barnabu during the final.JJ GuillenEFE

Those who did not fly to the Stade de France drank alcohol. The city has been evacuated to Concha Espina. It rhymes with a nostalgic roar, As if there was no other choice but to win in the next two hours: 14th or Jeevan, other check post Burnaboo’s prophylactic filters out fans who get tickets to be in the finals.

On the pitch, Mickey Nadal whistles for entrants and people whistle for Bell, shaking up some premises. everyone wants to hug the pixel when the face Luka Modric, the ponytail camavinga There are already remnants. remix version of astronomerSong of Coronavirus. The perfect metaphor for Madrid in this Champions League: When rivals dance in front of elimination, the team resumes its legend.

It was very rare to see a watch. There should have been some certainty at 9:39 pm. Impatience shifted the scarf’s pinwheel and, from one background to another, people expressed their dismay at not being clear about some unknown of the night by waving or literally spitting on Ceferin’s bald head. The British raided the Mbapp franchise and Burnaboo was a nightclub, a neighborhood corral and a Black Mirror Coliseum. Every character who appeared on screen was judged. Infantino had no mercy.

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