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Modric, the first champions since Cristiano, highlights the quiet commitment of Kroos or Benzema, commitment to young people like Vinicius and Valverde, and punishes Bale’s procrastination and arrogance.

Marcelo, Nacho, Modric and Benzema.
Marcelo, Nacho, Modric and Benzema.Rodrigo JimnezoEFE

Same florentino prazzo The one who left Madrid because he could not dominate the Galactics hugged the champion on the grass of St. Denis. They all won the Champions League, but Madrid de la Decimoquarta is the one that does it with less arrogance, having reached the summit in Europe without Cristiano and with its two big investments and main salary, Knot You riskOff the field and out of focus.

Florentino says of his players that they are very professional and fans of Real Madrid. The first is sufficient, as professionalism implies commitment, although it is true that cohabitation has produced an unusual adherence. recognizes it Carlo Ancelotti: I’ve spent my whole life in the locker room and I’ve managed several teams, but it’s probably been the easiest for me because of the players’ support.

Ancelotti’s emotional intelligence

The management of the Italian, a self-taught emotional intelligence, is no stranger. This is a team marcelo, whose wish was to continue, said goodbye without reproach, something unusual in Spanish football, in general, and in Madrid, in particular. A team in which young people have developed, alternative bets to the presidency in which the club-states now rule, and which had two great heroes in the final: valverde You vinicius, Rodrigo has been important on the way to the title and camavinga is seen following the advice of Benzema To get error free integration. Benzema’s transformation into his maturity has been fundamental in making him a leader in goalscoring and playing, and a benchmark for his commitment and demeanor. After being marginalized for years by their national team as a result of the ‘Valbuena case’, Madrid moved from their club to their emotional residence. Her balance is also influenced by her new life in Madrid with her former partner and children.

from Benzema, modric hey cross No immediate manifestations are known. They come, greet, play and win most of the time. They do not create animosity that crosses the threshold of rivalry. This is essential for the stability of the team. The three together cost 10 million less than what Madrid paid for either Bale or Hazard. The performance is unmatched.

Salary of “Golfer”

Although Ancelotti would never say that, as he didn’t Zidane, both fed up with the Welshman’s lack of professionalism, a fact that can taint a locker room coexistence, especially when the rest of the guys feel they have too much to offer on the field for little pay. a Sergio Ramos This shook him. Instead, this group isolated him, not allowing that toxicity to contaminate him. They called him a golfer. In his second leg, the coach did not listen to the chairman and asked him why Bell did not play.

The sense of justice is also fundamental. Ancelotti lives with berlusconifamily Agnelli, Al-Khelaifi, Abramovich and Florentine. He has a master’s degree in presidentialism and knows, as he admits in one of his books, that there are commercial nemesis to coach. This time it hasn’t folded. Danger made it easy for them. vinicius, Rodrigo, Asensio or even Lucas Vazquez He has been ahead of Madrid’s latest strategic signing with multiple injuries. It is failure which, today, advises caution when exiting the market after failure mbpp,

It is difficult for the variables that have allowed the reigning champions to cancel the signing of the legendary icon to strengthen the dominant Florentino. Madrid has always relied on him and the business model of the club, one of the main brands in the football industry, needs him. The opening of a futuristic Burnaboo next season also claims it.

The difference is risk and haste. Neither are there a lot of alternatives, Mbapp and . beyond halland, have already been placed, and neither does the President believe that he should enter auctions where club-states have compulsorily bid. Time has changed. Maybe Florentino too.

The fourteenth is the sixth of the leader, as many santiago barnabus, Curiously, his sixth of Madrid Ye-Wai came in 1966, with a team that had lost most of the stars of their great era, except Gento. This was the first European Cup since in stefano, as it was the first Champions League since Cristiano in Paris. Madrid, one in Brussels, played with a Spanish eleven and the other in Paris initially with only one Spaniard, carvajal, Although everyone left their ego in the locker room.

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