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The Frenchman is worth only 25 million according to Transfermark. Messi (60), Lewandowski (50) and Cristiano (35) overtook him. Songs and photos of the rapper are present in his life, including Kylian Mbappe’s “Betrayal”.

Benzema celebrates one of his goals against PSG.
Benzema celebrates one of his goals against PSG.AFP

,we have to go, we have to go, in april 2015sitting on it Bugatti Veyron, Karim Benzema (Lyon, 1987) sang the chorus of time to goOne of the rapper’s hits Tupac Shakur, “We have to go,” said the song. A few months back, amid controversy over his involvement in the case sex tape of your compatriots valbuenafrench striker real madrid songs used all Eyez on Me Shakoor to put music in a video in which he was training valdebebas, “Everyone’s eyes are on me.”

Tupac has been an idol of Karim’s music since childhood, when he started listening at the age of seven. Hip Hop with your friends on the streets of lyon, Ball and Shakoor’s verses have been his day-to-day and served to elicit his opinion through songs. Also last Sunday, when he used the rapper again to respond to the great controversy of the year on the soccer planet: Kylian Mbappe’s verdict, upgrade with PSG The New World star caused Benzema to publish a photo of Tupac with a friend who had allegedly cheated on him before his death. on September 7, 1996 in Las VegasA white Cadillac is pulled over next to Shakur’s BMW and one of its riders is unloaded four bullets On the arm and chest of the rapper, who died a few days later.

“we like each other a lot”

There is no possible comparison between the seriousness of the two acts, but the image Benzema uses to describe his feelings suggests that after several years of trying to persuade his teammate to sign for Madrid. How did he feel after that? ,It is neither against Mbappe nor for treasonIt’s because I love Madrid,” he argued at La Sexta this week. «I don’t upload a picture to start a message. If I have to say it, I say it in person. ” In the past, there was a constant blink of an eye between the two footballers. ,we like each other a lot“It will be special to play against them,” he said before facing PSG in February.

subsequent years, Mbappe’s “No” Madrid will once again put all the scoring burden on Karim’s figure. may the captain win his fifth champions league changed, his 34 years, in the maximum statue of the Bernabeu. a major role that was not always so obvious and in which florentino perez to one of the culprits. The president was one of his great supports during Stryker’s worst years. his right eye.

loss 42 goals in 43 matches Benzema (two more if we count the Cup) rivalry between the League and the Champions League 48 of lewandowski And this 34 of Mbappe, on the podium of the best forward of three years. If we count so many and assists, one goes from Madrid 56 target participation (42+14), one more from Bayern’s pole (48+7) and three less than his PSG compatriot (34+25) Benzema has placed himself at the invading altar in Europe, 13 years after his signing. a reality that has reached a level of excellence in this European Cup, where he has scored 15 goals, 11 of them in the knockout stage, A season of legend.

market value, real

the return of cocoa (they called him when he was young) has revolutionized his country to play the “greatest game in world football” Paris, where he is idolized since his return to the national team. His transformation in recent years is calmer, more focused on his physique and very publicly committed to his religion It has given him the confidence of those he had disappointed. ,my wife! my wife! my wife!” shouted the hundred fans Madrid received on Thursday.

Benzema reigns in modern football that surrounds the giants. 25 million french is worth it transfermark, the website that provides the market price. is in position 263 in the world50th in the league, 11th in Madrid, 35th from France43rd of his position… by his side, Messi still 60. is worthLewandowski 50 years cristiano 35, modricThe key to this season, it only costs 10, A veteran (and a genius) who contrasts 23 years of Mbappethe most precious: 160 million, The final, yes, is played by others.

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