Champions: Carlo Ancelotti, from Mercy to Europe’s Olympus in the Year of the Impossible: “It is easier to win with Madrid than with any other team” | champions league 2021

Liverpool 0 – Real Madrid 1


The Italian, who lost 5–0 to City in the premiership a year earlier and told Everton to “improve the squad”, is now the coach with the most European Cups (4), ahead of Paisley and Zidane. “That was the plan and it has worked,” he said after the game.

Carlo Ancelotti during the celebration
Carlo Ancelotti during the Champions League ceremony.petr david josekAP

“We have to improve next season. We have to look ahead, be more competitive and get more points next season. We’re going to work over the summer to find the right players to improve the team. This it’s just that. we have a very clear plan And we’ll follow him.” May 23, 2021After losing 5-0 against Manchester City, Carlo Ancelotti K sits in the press room Etihad Stadium and value the present and future of Everton, with Everton. tena Contract With Liverpool in full swing until June 30, 2024, a comfortable day in the city, the owner’s confidence Farhad Moshirio And, just finished the season, that’s all correction in two positions their ranking in Premier League, 12 to 10, after leading the league for a few days. In short, his future was right there.

Five days later they were on the phone and in one call their life changed. Zinedine Zidane resigned as coach real madrid May 27, 2021 and Jose Angel Sanchez mobile to chat ancelotti, And if… after, florentino prazzo, A year later, Madrid have won 14 European Cup, Florentine his sixth You Ancelotti his fourth (with two Milan and with two madrid), to be the coach with the biggest ears in history.

off the coast Ro Mercy Ali OlympusAli hug with davidon the lawn of his son, Stade de France, glory that bob paisley You Zidane embraced “only” three times and that caralettowith that quiet leadershipwith being without that, with eyebrow raised, with “Malla,balance” And this “Quality“How many times have you smiled again and again on four?”chance of my life“, to return to “where I am happiest”, valdebebasAnd of course, to withdrawal, has ended with the excellent work of Real Madrid. a season that summarizes 120 years of history, Empire in league, powerful, vertical and stable. The spirit in champions, the spiritual, the beauty of everything that Madrid means.

,It’s easy to win the Champions League with Madrid Compared to any other team. History, commitment of fans. four champions They make me happy, but the joy is greater because I’m back in Madrid and we’ve had a great season. never stop thanking the president jose najello“Price in the Press Room.”This is Real Madrid, period“, he said about the grass. He said, because there are things that need no further explanation.

Vinicius, Valverde, Rodrigo…

Primavera given by Ancelotti chamartini endure in the collective memory of barbed shell, apparently a template inferior To the greats of Europe, the runner and final “no” of Kian Mappo To spoil the mood of part of the stands a few days before the final, Echoes of doubt in every defeatIn each bad first half that led to disaster and then twisted fate with a touch of brilliance and talent that hardly anyone has seen on the football field.

The hoarse voices will speak of Ancelotti’s little merit in the sporting aspect of this Madrid Europe Camping And they would argue for the Italian’s sentimentality, his leadership ability and the head of a friend, father and a backbone who conquered everything. But in his pocket, Transalpine carries Vinicius explodedThe Evolution of Valverde and RodrigoThe Stability For a defense that he lost in the same heat Sergio Ramos and Varaneand a team chameleon that is able to play close behind to counterattack and also have the peace of possession to attack in the stable.

“The match has been delayed and I’ve never seen panic in the locker roomHe was very calm, the most nervous I was. He was calm, with incredible confidence. History has given you confidence”, Ancelotti admitted.

Emotionally, Valdebebas’ dressing room stresses the importance of honesty. ,Without him, nothing. it goes with the further truth, friend and fathercaraletto Has been able to leave one of the best seasons in Madrid’s history on the bench Four of the Nine Highest Pay in the Workforce without bursting in the air. Marcelo, Isco, Bel and Hazardo He remained silent while his team, with Ancelotti in a mix of youth and veterans, stormed Spain and Europe.

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