Champions: Carvajal’s family fears in St. Denis: “They could not guarantee their safety” | champions league 2021


The side condemns the organization of the match by the concentration of selection: “It’s a shame that the final is a stain on it”.

Fans try to jump the fence of the Stade de France.
Fans try to jump the fence of the Stade de France.Christophe AnnaAP

72 hours after the end of Champions Leagueecho offear” and “chaos”lived in the neighborhood of St. Denisowhere is Stade de France who hosted the duel liverpool And this real madrid, how are you reporting this magazine During the last days, both before and after the game, there were More typical scenes of steep battles It is believed that ‘football party, “It’s the French boys, not the English fans,” claimed the British at the stadium gate. ,They were going to sack everything, to steal“, told Madrid fans.

The players’ relatives, theoretically more protected by security, also faced moments of extreme danger in a situation that “could have been”. it’s too bad“, as he complained Julia Beamswoman of thiago alcantara, “We were constantly threatened by gangs of robbers who tried to rob and entered the stadium without tickets. Police fired tear gas shells at families and fans, and some of them were even beaten up. They were all innocent people. . we had to get out of our safety, We demand responsibility, it could have been worse.”

has been the last to engage in reflection and complaint about what happened Dani CarvajalTowards Real Madrid. The family of the Madrid youth squad traveled with the campaign Parse and suffered a “lack of control” of safety before and after the final. ,it was a mess quite important. My closest families and people, my parents, my wife and my son had to be dropped at the stadium gate because they could not guarantee their safety Upon entering”, he gained recognition in an act with the Spanish team. football city,

“Inside they told us that the delay of the start it was for safety, We got to know everything. It’s a pity the final is stained, They should take care that everything gets better because there were people who have suffered a lot and what should have been a dream day, there were people who could not enjoy it.”

a saturday of chaos

the final begins 21:36 Saturday night, more than half an hour later than planned and with Liverpool practically full. Previously, the ‘red’ hobby suffered a funnel in the doors due to persistent attempts french youth On entering the stadium without a ticket. An hour after the start, around eight o’clock in the afternoon, the Madrid stands were already full, while half of the people in the English field were still missing. place of ‘Fan Zone’ Dale Liverpool In center of parasThis type of funnel has also been condemned, with the obligation to take the metro to reach the Stade de France.

Everything at the door was tears, fury and impotence. a few meters away, the police were still taking pepper spray Against soldiers who had no entrance, and who tried to break through the gates by force. The guards tried to free the entrances to be able to control who had the ticket and who did not, but with the match starting and the screams that could be heard in the background, this was impossible. The situation turned into chaos, with ticketed fans demanding to watch the duel (“I have paid 2,000 euros!” said one to EL Mundo), those who did not have tickets were waiting for the spot and the police decided to disperse and disperse the masses.

,We started running and we heard police gunshots, We took our six-year-old in our arms and covered his face so that he could not see the horrors,” he explained to this newspaper yesterday Enrique CazorlaA Madridista member since 1987. “They were pushing anyone who came in the way. I took a policeman’s pistol and ran away with it,” he said. Luis Francisco Abanades, Witness. “They came in groups of four and shouted ‘Hala, Madrid’ before cornering you. Looking for your mobile, your wallet or your backpack. Some will run away with money in their socks,” he explained. Mark SanchezPea Capote and Montera’s.

An inexplicable chaos after a year and a half Olympic Games 2024 in Paris The Stade de France with a capacity of 75,000 spectators will host the opening and closing ceremonies, athletics events and rugby tournaments.

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