Champions: Courtois’s “good side of history” after Lisbon and the anniversary of the call that changed Ancelotti’s life. champions league 2021


The coach and two Madrid players appeared at a press conference 24 hours before the Champions League final against Liverpool.

Carlo Ancelotti at the Stade de France.
Carlo Ancelotti at the Stade de France.frank fifeAFP

sitting in the press room of Stade de France of St. Deniso24 hours from a game that can crown a generation, Carlo Ancelotti, Marcelo and Thibaut Courtoiscoach, first captain and goalkeeper real madrid, all reflected on a historical date. Coach can be the first coach four european cupsbrazilian winger wishes him quinta big earsAnd Belgium wants to debut at the altar of the highest continental competition.

,we deserve to reach the finalsMarcelo Valuable, who declined to choose between an idol or a new contract: “Everyone knows my love for the club of my life. no idol neededMy story is done, I have given everything. An idol means nothing to me.” Next to him, Ancelotti smiled recalling the phone call he had Jose Angel Sanchez and Florentino Parezzo Just a year ago. ,i feel a little dizzyYes, I’ve thought about it many times. At this time, exactly a year ago, when I spoke on the phone with Jose Angel and the President. It’s like life has passed.”

,Now I’m on the bright side of history“, Courtois admitted about his loss in the final Lisbon Champions, In 2014 he defended an Atlético de Madrid goal and suffered a header from Sergio Ramos I had not yet reached the final in the 93rd minute. “Eight years ago I played my first final. everyone has the same illusion, And now I am on the good side of history.”

Ancelotti did not want to emphasize the grass problems which he admitted kloppo And left your answer for later training. Italian, without injuries, watches liverpool physical problems: “We had a problem in 2014 and we managed to win. If a player is hurt, he cannot play, If Liverpool play, it is because they are not injured.”

For marceloCaptain first, has been the key to the season locker room management what does she have caraletto: “We have not had any trouble this season, the master leaves us alone. tells us the truth, It’s been important,” he said briefly after praising Benzema: “He is a leader, he doesn’t need to talk more or less. He is.” His coach, who recalled that “the history of this club has led us to this point”, also had good words for the striker: “have more personality and more leadership That in my first step. They have virtues, they are humble…”, he said.

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