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The Italian, the team’s producer, who picked up ‘Sptima’ a year later in 1998, shows Ancelotti’s figure, which he had as a player, and provides the keys that could mark the Paris final.

Fabio Capello.
Fabio Capello.Patrick Lundin

Like the seventh, no one. All the drunken people lived and felt it, they say. Others were born later to join a series of up to 13, before which 32 years of living with desperation rub their eyes. fabio capello He is among those who felt he was just another, as in 1998, he was already a long way from the team he had formed the year before. After playing golf with his wife, the 75-year-old Italian said in a conversation with El Mundo, “We have given Madrid back the historical spirit it needed to win again in Europe.” That was only for a season, in its first phase, but enough to create an essential love with Madrid and Spain, though he never understood why we Spaniards added so much Modena vinegar to salads.

La Glory Correspondi A jap henkesBut the German, after a bad season in the league, arrived in Amsterdam, disconnected, while self-management prevailed in the locker room. They were his players but they were Capello’s men, with ferdinand iron front. We built a team with high quality soccer players like Robert Charles, seedorf, Sugar, MijatovicCaptain’ hereo and until vector, which we promoted from the subsidiary… From the very first moment, I saw that he was a player with a desire to do something great. After years of not winning anything, he needed a winning mindset. That was my target. It wasn’t difficult, says Capello, because the unit was built out of team spirit and the friendship between them.

The 1996/97 season, Madrid did not play in Europe, having failed to qualify the previous year, with Atlético having picked up a double and Barcelona suffered a catharsis after firing. Johan Cruyff, Barra hired Ronaldo and they had a great team Figo You guardiola -Has sustained-. Everyone said it would be a smash, but instead we won. I knew Madrid was ready to win what it lacked and wanted a lot.

ask.- And why did he leave?

Capello didn’t hesitate in his answer: I left Madrid because they called me berlusconi, I could not refuse him, because everything I have done in my life is all thanks to him. But I loved training and living in Madrid. He had an unbreakable relationship with everyone. I think you need to know how to approach someone helping you in life. I went back to Milan and they fired me the following year. ‘We are at peace now,’ I said to myself as I left. It was better for him when he returned to Madrid, when he won another league 10 years later.

Although the Italian was temporarily sitting on the Milan bench when he was sacked Nils LidholmA precursor to those who played under him, Capello himself and Carlo Ancelotti, it was not until his departure. erigo sacchio, towards the ‘Nazionale’, when Silvio Berlusconi offered him the command of the team in 1991. Saatchi said the team had been squeezed, but Capello won four ‘scudetos’ in five years and thrashed Barra de Cruyff in the 1994 Champions League final. , in Athens. That decision of the ‘Cavalier’ left him a debt.

Ancelotti was one of the members of the great Milan di Saatchi, which, already in the autumn of his career, lost prominence. You will understand my decisions when you become the coach, Capello told him. did. Carlo is a real man. A man in the full sense of the word. He’s cool, with a relaxed style, but if he has to show his face, he wears it. He tells you things without yelling but clearly.

P.- Define him as a coach.

R.- Super Trainer!! They have unparalleled experience, as evidenced by winning leagues in all major competitions in Europe. It has evolved quite cleverly and has many records. I think whenever he has coached Madrid, he knows what the team needs. Throughout this Champions League, his management of matches, especially the substitutions, has been successful. He is missing the final stage to reach a title which he has already won three times. If he wins fourth in Paris, he will be unique.

Capello, who lived through a stage as England coach, warns about a Liverpool’s potential that never stops. Three men are lethal in his attack, but I am stunned by his progress louis dazi, Colombian. Speed, one after another, shot… ‘buff’. This would be a ‘crack’. Unlike Manchester City, which also has a lot of pace of play, Liverpool are more vertical, he adds.

Both teams are defined by their great footballers, Benzema, modric, request, Man… you can have a great stadium like Barnabu, a crowd that pushes you, the best coach and a great president, but if you don’t have quality on the pitch, you won’t win the Champions League. Why don’t Italian teams do this anymore? Where are the best? Continues Capello, there are many of them in Liverpool and Madrid, for whom the great balance opts for couple details. In Paris, point to one, they can have anyone in the band vinicius You Alexander-Arnold: Vinicius has dribbling and overflowing, and this could cause problems for Alexander-Arnold, as he doesn’t defend very well. On the other hand, if he plays more time in the opponent’s zone, he makes some great crosses for the front. Depending on how the game is decided, in my opinion, this will be a key

P.- Will there be miracle goals?

R.- Explain something to him. Now I comment on matches for Sky. After five minutes into the second leg broadcast with City, everyone was already talking about the final that awaited Guardiola’s men. I told him: be careful, wait, this is Madrid. That team plays in Paris and Capello realizes it as part of his work and his life, more than 20 years later.

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