Champions: Fede Valverde: “My son has made me mature and seeing that I don’t exist anymore, it’s all for him” champions league 2021


The Uruguayan, undisputed at Real Madrid in the second half of the season, explains his change due to “diet and ‘coaching'”. “I hope it’s not a shiny Saturday for the rest of my life,” he says in this interview with EL Mundo

Fede Valverde in interview with EL Mundo
Fede Valverde in interview with EL MundoJavier BarabanchoWorld

Water Montevideoyour family and payroll with 18 years to play in castillain which he debuted against amborebeta, A road of mud and villages that took them to their first final after six years Champions League, fede valverde (Montevideo, 1998), Birdwas born two months later Seventh And now be a starter in the attack fourteenth, One of the dreams of life centered on his son benicio, in his family and in football, for which he had to change his diet and his mind. he breaks it all down in one chat World,

His first Champions League final. His life’s dream, I imagine next to the World Cup.
definitely. Champions, World Cup and Libertadores are cups that not all players can experience. And here I am… I hope Saturday is a great day and it’s not an embarrassing Saturday for the rest of my life (laughs). Hope we can win. And then I am filled with pride to come home and see my family.
And he will be the boss. Has a star been created?
nerd. I don’t think I’m a star, but I don’t think I’m any less. I have mine and for one reason I have gotten where I am at Real Madrid, and for one reason I am ready to play in the final. Obviously I don’t stick my neck out, but I am proud of who I am.
How do you get fame?
I get on well with a lot of embarrassment, but I’m improving. It is wonderful, very beautiful. When I have to go looking for my son, when kids recognize you and greet you, or a father, it’s always good. A lot happened to me in Uruguay because football was usually very lively there, when Pearl was recognized throughout the country.
And what does his son (Benicio, two years old) say to him when they ask him for pictures?: Who are you, Dad?
(Laughter) It’s a beautiful and very rare feeling. They come asking me for a photo and they stare at me as if saying: What’s up? And sometimes he joins in (laughs). He is two years old and he doesn’t understand anything.
I think being a father has changed his life.
And for the better. Obviously there are times when you can’t sleep at all. And there I have the support of my wife, who has been essential in all this. She is a wonderful mother and has always shown it. Many nights she has to work a lot, she would get up and tell me to rest, that your job is football. I turned and pretended to sleep a little (laughs) nah… The truth is that it is commendable, and when the footballer recovers it is thanks to the support of family and household.
Has it matured?
Yes, yes, a lot, although sometimes I am still a jerk. Being a father I grew up with and went into the background. I have three older brothers and I grew up almost as an only child, he was everything to me, he was everyone’s attention… my son has seen me all differently, now I don’t exist, he Everything is there for him. I play football to achieve things on a personal level and to be at peace and happy for that.
Are you afraid of what their life will be like? Fame, television, being recognized…
I don’t usually think about it, but sometimes it can be hard. I can get used to this life, not going out much, being at home with my family or being recognized on the street, but it can be difficult for him. But that is him, a different person. He has to keep his goals, his studies, his job… He will disappoint me greatly and I will be sorry if he sticks his neck out for me to be his son. I’d be glad he recognizes me as a reference to his father, but I want him to maintain the humility I grew up with, without being one.
Javier BarabanchoWorld

Have you talked to your mom about that famous dream about people yelling white at me in a stadium?
Yes, enough. And the day we won the league, it was the first time my parents walked on the pitch and heard people shouting my name. They started crying. You can imagine a lot of things when you arrive in Madrid, a beautiful city, a title, a better life… but it’s great to be happy with the stadium.
What do people tell you when you visit Uruguay?
It’s splendid. Madrid is a huge city and football lives on, but it doesn’t live like Uruguay. There, no one on the street recognizes you because of the passion with which football lives there. Arrive at the airport, love, my son, love my son! Sometimes my son is better known than me (laughs). I work in Madrid to be a benchmark, but I would also love to be a captain and a benchmark in my country.
You started the year with some injuries, but now nobody understands Madrid’s XI without you. They say one of the keys to this is a change in diet.
s. I’m not going to tell you that I didn’t take 100% care of myself, but sometimes I let myself go. Don’t eat bad, but you might not eat as well after a game as you should. We have had a lot of fights at home with our wife, friends, agent… We have had a lot of arguments over food. I am very closed and it is quite difficult for me to accept things, I said no, that I was doing things well, that it was because of other things I didn’t play for. And one day I traveled with the selection and my mind clicked. I told myself: If I want to do great things, I have to improve, be more mature, professional, and have respect for where I am. Madrid doesn’t buy you every day. We talked to a nutritionist, we revamped our diet, I went to Uruguay and I flew, I played great and it changed me. I feel better than ever. I haven’t stopped eating certain foods, but I have more control.
Have you worked on the mental aspect as well? Why?
Yes, I started working with a coach. It’s like a foodie thing, there were days where I said: I have to change. Changes in food and coach have propelled my career. My head was quite stubborn, very hard, both on and off the field. If I have to hit a wall to continue with my thoughts, I give up. Coaching has made me mature enough to open my mind more, listen more to the people around me… It has benefited me and as a result, I will not miss this opportunity.

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