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Liverpool 0 – Real Madrid 1


The title raised in Paris allows the current president to match the legacy left by the leader who put Real Madrid in the world spotlight and gave the stadium its name.

Hugging the President, Modric.Juanjo MartiniEFE

six european cups santiago barnabusSix Champions florentino prazzo, The final in Paris allows the current President of Madrid to match the leader who started the legend, being one of the promoters of the European Cup, born in 1956, and undertaking the signing alfredo di stefano, Although their profiles and times differed, the similarities also extend to the development of the club’s assets. Bernabeu promoted the construction of the stadium that, despite his reluctance, would be his name and the end of the old Ciudad Deportiva. After building a new sports town in Valdebebas, Florentino rebuilds the work to keep it as a future reference.

Paris was the best place to match the mark, something that seemed utopian long ago, especially during the 32 years in which Madrid could not win the title. Neither the VII in 1988 nor the VIII (2000) corresponded to Florentino, as they were achieved under the Late Mandate. lorenzo sanzoBut Madrid’s development in the modern era is undoubtedly related to his mandate, in two phases, due to the bracket in which he stepped down.


Barnabu was a former player who fought alongside civilians in the Civil War, although Madrid and its characters were more closely related to the Republican side during the conflict. Considered by the footballers and coaches who passed through the club as a moral leader, he was not a great businessman nor had he any luck. What he agrees with Florentino is in his desire for sustainable development. In Madrid he had made Di Stefano the first to win five European Cups, copy hey pushassoin addition to the following People, they were Figo, Zidane, ronaldo hey RAL Of Florentine. After coming cristiano,

Florentino is not able to support Barnabu, in the creation of a new European competition. For now, the Super League has been established, with little consensus and picked up at the wrong time. florentino has missed a raimundo supportaSkilled diplomat next to a moral leader.

Barnabu presided over the club between 1943 and 1978, 35 years, a period in which he won the 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960 and 1966 European Cups, the last one with Madrid with eleven Spaniards, Madrid ‘Yeh-Yeh ‘. At 75 years old and 19 as president, time says Florentino will not be in office for that long, but after the 2002, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2022 titles, he has the Champions League within reach. record is.

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