Champions: France blames English “clutter” and “massive” ticket fraud champions league 2021


Country officials say “70% of tickets among Liverpool fans were false.” He also announced that 77 captives had been held for large-scale robberies around the Stade de France.

Liverpool fans at the Stade de France.
Liverpool fans at the Stade de France.Christophe AnnaAP
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French officials on Monday blamed “clutter” in access to the Champions League final, which allowed thousands of Liverpool fans to travel to Paris and “massive fraud” of counterfeit tickets.

“We are sorry for the chaos that saw 30,000 to 40,000 British fans coming to the Stade de France without tickets or with fake tickets,” the Home Secretary said. grilled darminin,

In addition, “a large-scale fraud on an industrial scale of counterfeit tickets has been verified,” Dormanin said in an appearance before the press after more than two hours of meeting with the sports minister, Amlie Ouda-Castra,

The head of the interior recalled that the tickets were electronic but that printed stamps were accepted “at the request of UEFA,” leaving open the possibility of fraud.

“over 70% were liars”

He elaborated that, in the field of previous filtering of Liverpool fans, “more than 70% of tickets were false”, which caused problems with the security system to the extent that riot police intervention was necessary.

He also said he was “sorry” that fans, including families with children, suffered the consequences of tear gas, and admitted that they watched videos of French police using gas “unnecessarily and inconsiderately”. Huh.

Darmanin recalled that the 2019 Champions League final in Madrid saw “the same problem” of thousands of British fans traveling without incident.

compensation to the affected

Ouda-Casta reported that more than 2,700 fans were ultimately unable to reach the stadium despite having tickets, which further said there would be “compensation” for those affected, although without giving further details.

Both ministers stressed that these incidents took place in areas accessible to English fans. “There hasn’t been a problem on the Spanish side,” Darmin said.

“The disorderly arrival of British fans by his club has made this complicated,” insisted the interior minister, who partly blamed the strike, on that exact day, on the nearby train line that leads to the stadium and Paris airport which connects the two.

Another question is of several groups of criminals who launched themselves in an organized manner to try to rob the fans of both the teams. Authorities have arrested 77 people for these events in the city of Saint Denis on the outskirts of Paris, where the stadium is located.

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