Champions: From Paris to Heaven: The Truth of Football Quotes of Real Madrid and Liverpool in Mbapp City | champions league 2021

Liverpool – Real Madrid (21.00)


Ancelotti’s team is looking to enhance its legend by winning the fourteenth European Cup. Klopp’s Liverpool protest the continent’s most frenetic game

Stade de France, venue for the final.
Stade de France, venue for the final.Javier SorianoAFP

The truth of football is quoted in Paris, the truth presented by Real Madrid and Liverpool, two teams that are two ecosystems composed of all the elements that have made the sport one of the passions of our times. title and heroes of the past and present, from in stefano One Benzemasince Keegan One request, The game of mania and the one that best explains the feelings. The story of the aristocracy and the ‘working class’, in which one coach in a jacket and vest, and the other without a beard, bears a face. The landscape of the tribes differs as white and red. Songs and the Beatles. England and Spain, empires whose armadas walk on the grass today. The Champions League is destined to be in a place where football is too much lied to.

Paris is a city of love, but it is also a city of despair for Madrid, which hates any number mbpp, oldest Don Juan He should have learned from football that it is only after a ‘yes yes’ that temptation ends. Mbapp was to his right, but the ball usually does not correspond to whoever he chooses when counting money. PSG is an example of this.

sixth of florentine

The war in Ukraine caused the final to be moved from Saint Petersburg to Paris, a fact that, along with the outcome of the Mbapp case, is another element of inspiration for Madrid, although the final is played at the Stade de France and Not the Parque de los Princes which could be the ‘Park of the Rich’. As well as pressure, as the French’s refusal has been felt as a defeat. This is a mistake, as Madrid have the necessary history and self-respect to create their own ‘MBAPPS’. They are what have taken them to another Champions League final, No. 17, of which they have won 13, with the whole since seventh, which was like entering a renaissance. Liverpool adds six. If Madrid finishes in fourteenth place, it will double the player with the most titles after Milan. it will be the sixth florentino prazzowhich will be equal to santiago barnabu, one of the originators of the European Cup. Two great works at two different times.

The European legend began, right, in Paris, against the Stade de Reims. It was then in 1956 in the Parque de los Prncipes. On stage tonight he finished eighth against Valencia in 2000. It is a place that has also seen compensation for Madridists without white shirts, such as Zidaneat the 1998 World Cup, or cristiano, in Euro 2016. The place where the country is named, inaugurated to the greater glory of the 98’s ‘magnificence’, now awaits the footballer he has forgiven. Benzema is the last link in the French connection that goes back Raymond Kopas, member of Founding Madrid. Another Champions League like Di Stefano would be a fifth for the Frenchman.

Liverpool’s ‘headdress’

The concept of ‘grandeur’ always refers to Napoleon, who before each battle asked his generals whether they were lucky or not. The same thing happens in the final. The way to mitigate this is to impose one’s own identity, look to Liverpool. knows jurgen kloppo If he doesn’t, Madrid do better in chance and pain. team benefits Carlo Ancelotti Being a chameleon he can play possession, he can hit and he can wait, because in ultimate fate he is unique. Liverpool have to play and play to find themselves. If you make the Stade de France fryer, your options will increase. What is unknown is how long he will be able to do it, a much sought after and football player coming out of injury, such as request, fabinho, thiago hey Van Dijko, Madrid, on the other hand, have played on the fleet this month.

Status of alabas, due to its recent inactivity, is the only uncertainty. The English Attack is a Hornet’s Nest, with a Football in the Wild louis dazi as a final contribution. Ancelotti, on the other hand, could do away with one of the offensive pieces to add to Valverde and provide more physicality to the midfield. Rodrigo The correct number is 12.

Unlike Ancelotti (three in four), Klopp has won more than the tournament (one win in three finals). What they got, however, was against Liverpool and with a three-goal comeback. He soon took his revenge, but he does not forget it. If he wins tonight, he will be the only coach with four champions. The last time for Madrid was suffered by Klopp himself, who remembers very well his misfortune due to Salah’s injury or mistakes. kerius, and cross your fingers. Moving along is not enough, as their ‘supporters’ sing. In Kyiv, the capital of pain, Madrid put down that last spade. There is no place closer to hell today. Paris is closest to heaven.

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