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Liverpool – Real Madrid (21.00)


The German coach complements the model of a Liverpool who aspires to treble. “Everybody tries to do what they can for the common good,” says Weidenfelder, their former goalkeeper at Dortmund.

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Hours after losing the final in Kyiv, surrounded by the despair of a devastating defeat, jurgen kloppo He began an omen that he himself would use as ammunition for his football players: the problem is not in losing, but in how long it will take you to win again. Under that depressing warning, partially broken, a year later, at the Metropolitano against Tottenham, the spirit of a rematch against Real Madrid was bubbling. The Champions League great, who adds seven victorious finals to his competitive fury, demanded another step in his method from Klopp based on continued progress. Four years later, this Saturday has come for Liverpool.

There are many factors that explain the development of this team, which has been able to shine a unique football. gegenpressing, further pressure that itself defines a new era. The longer the ball you have, the less negative things can happen to you, so if you lose it, you need to get it back as soon as possible. Ultimately, the system ends up making your life easier, summarizes Klopp, who, after nearly seven years at Enfield, has raised automatism to practically ill-fated levels.

However, the development between that Liverpool that closed 2018 without a title and this one who land in Paris in search of the treble is based not only on the improvement of their nuclear weapons. nor in other strategic variables, such as the contributions they Trent Alexander-Arnoldthe playwright as a false side, or thiago alcantaraAn artist on the bridge.

work in the locker room

To understand Klopp’s splendor, you must enter the hallowed chamber of his locker room. and some as well versed roman weidenfelder, the fourth footballer with the most games (279) under The Normal One. Jurgen is an incredible motivator, capable of shaping a group that demands the maximum in each game. And that level stems from the same trust he places in his players, including regulars on the bench. In this Liverpool, everyone tries to do what they can for the common good, not just for themselves, explains former Dortmund goalkeeper EL Mundo. His judgment fits with the percentage drawn by pepigen legends, Klopp’s assistant: The secret to creating a family. It’s about 30 percent strategy and 70 percent team spirit.

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At this point, it is convenient to ask how a coach can convince his squad to undergo physical and mental wear and tear of such caliber. I think his secret lies in empathy, how he knows how to get close to you and how he lets you get close to him. I must say that today, after seven years of separation, we still maintain considerable contact, continues the current Borussia ambassador. Klopp leads halfway between friend and father, between the spiritual master and the disciplinarian. None of their players in Mainz will forget the 2004 pre-season in Sweden by the lake. Without food, without phones, without balls, friendship was a stick for fish and an ax to cut down a tree to light a fire.

data management

Much has changed in these two decades in society and football, now dominated by computational variables whose control is decisive in today’s sports, in favor of small details. Klopp understood this long ago. And they had to face raw between 2012 and 2018, when they suffered six losses in the finals. However, his first conclusion was to find his team’s weakness in throw-ins after a great goal from Gareth Bale, where he held only 45.4%. after signing up Thomas GroenmarkLiverpool, the world’s leading expert on the subject, increased accuracy by 23 percentage points. And two seasons later, he scored 14 goals from throw-ins.

Not satisfied, last summer Klopp contracted the services of Neuro11, a start up Specialized in German Neuroscience. Since then, football player reds Some futuristic tools that analyze your brain activity shine in the sports town of Kirkby. The goal is to help them with set pieces and penalties. At the moment, Liverpool continue to falter in strategic actions, where they have scored only six goals (last in the Premier in this segment) and have obtained 14 (previous). However, during the final two finals decided by 11 metres, both against Chelsea, there was not a single error to repent after 17 shots. Although Liverpool are the favourites, we all know that Real Madrid have yet to lose the Champions League final. Support the Reds, of course, but I don’t think you have to go on penalties to enjoy an incredibly exciting final, concludes Weidenfelder.

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