Champions: Liverpool fans overwhelmed the security of the Stade de France and the final was delayed by 15 minutes. champions league 2021


Several ‘goons’ entered the area around the enclosure without entry after major altercations

Liverpool fans at the entrance
Liverpool fans at the entranceAbraham Romero
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The Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool will start 15 minutes later due to security problems around the Stade de France. Thousands of fans with tickets face long queues to reach their seats and others, mostly from the English team, enter the stadium without tickets.

Hours before the match, a large group of English hooligans approached the venue’s outside fence and, after leading several disputes with the agents present, some ended up jumping a nearly four-metre fence.

At 9:00 p.m., the time the game should have started, there were fans on many doors and the problems were not resolved. Along the same lines, throughout the afternoon, some fans from both Real Madrid and Liverpool reported robberies in queues reaching the Stade de France.

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