Champions: Liverpool’s exhaustion: Man is not enough in another Salah tragedy champions league 2021


After dominating the first 30 minutes, the ‘Reds’ dissolved in the last half hour

Salah, after falling in the final.
Salah, after falling in the final.petr david josekAP
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Liverpool can’t make it to Paris anymore, exhausted, broken, powerless against a giant under sticks. He fell with honor before his great nemesis and kloppo Another losing final was added, the eleventh out of 19 played. There is little to blame for this team, which, with all the resources at its disposal, tried till exhaustion. Another sad note for requestwhom courtois Pick out your best stop. and for injustice Man, author of One Huge Party. After dominating in the first half hour, the red color dissolved in the last half. Just when they were expected the most.

It was here that his ability to reorganize himself physically and mentally was to be measured. That last stretch probably favored the opponent, fresher in legs in previous weeks and able to dispute those minutes of truth, like one throws a pachang. Falling back, like many times throughout the year, Madrid will need an additional quality point.

To do this, Klopp almost immediately gave himself diogo jota, a winger who lost the spell a few months back. and to take back HENDERSON, who played his 57th match of the season, in four competitions, a record in five major leagues. The captain was able to bid farewell with the honor of becoming the first Englishman to wear the bracelet in three Champions League finals. to L toouis maidorganized by carvajal, author of One Huge Party. The Colombian averaged more than four shots on goal in the premiere, but his already traditional embrace with Klopp was bitter this time around.

I attended keta, who was sowing over suspicion, to fill the whole of Paris with awe with an outside shot. oppose the principle of modric, Liverpool didn’t like it again. You san Disappointing parade.

man’s effort

Klopp created an attribute of necessity with man, which was transferred to the months as a false nine. During the semi-final against City Gabriel Jesus exposed that crack, behind the back of casemiro and in front of the center. Exactly where Senegal went best. When they tried to catch him off the radar, he was already on the other side. He looked as relaxed as he had seen in the last one.

Mann came out to enjoy himself, though he worked tirelessly in the first line of pressure, giving force to Courtois’s ball. his feature of being stuck in a tiling gap unhinged get rid of, And the shot to the post, in the middle of the first half, was hardly the most perfect description of a show of strength. just before turpentine From the technical field for his last attempt to upset the goalkeeper, Klopp had no choice but to thank him.

It was worth the sacrifice for the common good and Liverpool had a competitive edge over anyone winning and losing in the final. His, undeniably, was the first half an hour. With his midfielder position and with Luis Diaz’s depth on the left. At the Stade de France, it was dominated by that team, having reduced their rivals’ possession to just 6.8 seconds in sequences during the previous 12 games.

The future of ‘red’

Significant increase compared to 2018, pushing the opponent to his territory and negating the relationship between Benzema You vinicius, At least, was looking for his chances against Brazil konato, A small crack in the red wall, whose only moment of weakness would come after endless review by VAR, when Alison I seemed to emulate kerius and Kyiv.

Salah did not even smile on the resume, many times frustration surfaced alabas You mendy, who denied his influence. Liverpool only had one man left. Let’s see how those 50 million encrypted his fictitious transfer to Bayern is now understood. And let’s see how Striker calms down in The Cope, after so many weeks postponing his renewal. Klopp didn’t care as much as these intentional rumours, the great act of new sports management going beyond 2023 through a new contract.

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