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Liverpool paid Porto 40 million (over 20 in the variable) for the Colombian last winter. He has earned Klopp’s trust in the trident.

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Luis Dazs during a training session with Liverpool.Peter PowellEFE

They are probably the most innovative face compared to the finals which the same teams played in 2018. louis dazi (Barrancas, Colombia, 25 years old) He is the tall and skinny striker who came to Liverpool in January and who has become the team’s great sensation after just five months. guajiro, as he is nicknamed in Colombia, landed at Anfield after a stellar campaign with Porto. The Liverpool board opted for a reinforcement of the midfielder and paid 40 million (plus 20 in variables) for him.

Dazs is the first Colombian to wear a Liverpool shirt. He is a top player, world class. It is a pleasure for me to work with Louis every day and I am even more happy that we have decided to sign him. We knew it would work, but not so fast. Its speed is unbelievable, technically it is excellent, it indicates jurgen kloppo In a recent press conference.

Luis Dazs has come a long way to reach the final of the Champions League. His debut in professional football dates back to 2015, when Carlos ‘El Pibe’ valderamaFormer Montpellier and Valladolid player, famous in Spain for that curious image McHello In a match at Barnabu, he directed the Colombian indigenous team in the indigenous Copa América, a competition that was played only that year. Díaz belongs to the Veu ethnic group, an indigenous community that lives in La Guajira in the north of Colombia, a department with statistics of extreme poverty, high temperatures and because it is a desert. Encouraged by his father, the coordinator of a modest soccer school in his town, he went to Bogotá and tried to enter that team. Despite his malocclusion, as evident in history at the time, he attracted much attention from technicians for his speed and skill.

In that indigenous Copa America played in Chile, Diaz overcame adversity at La Guajira and knocked out rivals trying to get the ball crazy. He played all matches, scored two goals and wore the armband of the captain of the coffee team. After the tournament, Valderrama suggested recruiting the player to Junior de Barranquilla, who was transferred to the mine, in Barranquilla FC (2nd Division). And the first thing the club did was to force it to gain 10 kg In addition to improving their muscle mass, based on a protein-based diet. Arthur Reyes He was there and the first coach to direct a midfielder in the lower divisions of the Colombian team.

Friendship with James Rodriguez and Falcao

The first thing I asked him is to understand the dribbling zone. He is a player with so much potential that he has improved over time, he says. Apart from being a member of the Barranquilla FC squad, Diaz is now married with a daughter named RomaRussia was a sparring partner for the national team on the way to 2018, which is why it made friends with players like James Rodriguez hey falcao,

The winger climbed into the junior first team after two years in the second division. He wore the Coastal team jersey for three seasons. In juniors, Dazs won two Colombian leagues, a cup, a Super League and was runner-up in the Copa Sudamericana in 2018. At 22, he signed for Porto, ahead of other greats like River Plate and the like. other European teams.

Marcelo GallardoThe coach of the Argentine team, was interested in him, but did not finalize the signing. He really didn’t ask me to talk. Yes, he told me what he wanted. He was talking to me and Quintero because he loved ‘Lucchito’, how he played and what he did. He always intended to wear it, he would tell later Rafael Santos Boro, recent champions of the Europa League with Eintracht, then in the river. Daz completed an outstanding performance with Porto and this opened the doors for him to Liverpool, where he revolutionized the team.

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