Champions: Madrid celebrate with Ayuso and Mayor: “I’m going to drink water because one of them said ‘Indian Almeida'”. champions league 2021


The president of the community and the mayor of the capital receive the European Champion campaign. “San Courtois, you’ve saved us!” Ayuso praised him.

Ancelotti, on the balcony
Ancelotti on the balcony of the Puerta del Sol.Oscar of the WellAFP

airport of Barjasi I recieved real madrid Feather 6:15 De La Mana Sunday turned into a party by a hangover fourteenthconquered on saturday night Stade de France of Parse, After a few hours of rest, the European Champion campaign began an afternoon of institutional visits, sleepy faces and laughter before once again conquering the continent. liverpool,

Almudena CathedralThe community of madridThe City Hall, cybele And this santiago barnabu, It was a hot afternoon plan with the bus starting from Concha Espina with the Champions League and league trophies in the passenger seat already ringing. runrun What makes this generation great: “Madrid is eternal. And now, for the fifteenth“, declared florentino prazzo Near Isabelle Diaz Ayuso, “No one owns this club, It’s owned by its people And it is to him that I want to thank him for being here”, said the top president of the White House.

“Courtois’ Gadgetarms”

President of community Got a reply from Oregon and dared to raise it just like he did last night marcelo In St. Deniso, even under the “ol” of the squad and fans. “Thank you for showing that a team is made by working together: to”madrilia“I want to thank you too”san courtois“. While many of us put our hands on our heads, you keep carrying them with the ball Those ‘gadgetarms’‘, you saved us!” praised Ayuso, who asked that “this is not the ultimate champion of my government. how can I not Love You,

Earlier, the players had arrived on the balcony of Seoul to greet the thousands of fans who filled the square. “How can I not love you!” while Marcello sang ancelotti, the father and coach of all assumed the future. “I sang on the plane last night and I’m going to sing again. He was 15 before me. was asked to“, the Italian resigned amid laughter.

“Luckily, those of us who are on the good side cried with you in Lisbon”

Next Stop: Jose Luis Martinez Almeida, Atletico Mayer is able to strike better than a boxer. “I’m going to drink water ’cause one of these said back here’Almeida Indian‘”, the politician shrugged in laughter. Behind, laughed among the staff in search of the ‘criminal’, who did not want to show his face. Almeida argued for several minutes league title And then fall for the evidence: “But of course, you won the Champions League as well. How hard do you make it for those of us who are not from Madrid“I joked. “The European Cup is played eleven against eleven and they always win,” he concluded, but not before leaving a “message” for Courtois: “The only thing, Courtois:”with carioallow me those of us who are on the good side there are also those who we cry with you in lisbonWe all fit on the good side in this city”.

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