Champions: Number one is Courtois: record record for an unusual Ballon d’Or contender | champions league 2021

Liverpool 0 – Real Madrid 1


Nine stops against Liverpool raised his balance to 61 interferences in 13 games, 20 more than Roulie, his immediate pursuit.

One of Courtois made a save against Salah in the Paris final.
One of Courtois made a save against Salah in the Paris final.AFP

a ThierryThe father, still seemed baffled by those scathing criticisms of 2019, after Ajax’s 1-4 at the Bernabeu, or the latest contempt of a renowned English magazine, which was put out Thibaut Courtois In his ranking of the 10 best goalkeepers in the world. rather than, ballastsThe mother, in what many spectators thought at the Stade de France, voiced impeccably plaintively: “When I looked in front of the stop say many I knew: ‘No one is going to enter today’. This is something that happens to me sometimes with Thibaut. Of course we are very proud, because if he didn’t get to do what he did, Liverpool could have won 3-1.”

In fact, Courtois intercepted nine balls, a record in a Champions League final, at least since being an official record. In this way, it raised its balance to 61 interventions (compared to 41). Geronimo Rulik, Second Classified) in a tournament in which they dominated from start to finish. In Milan from 15 September, until the second leg of the semi-finals, when he dropped a brutal intervention. Jack Grealish, with a touch trained ad nauseam with the heel of his left boot louis lopisReal Madrid goalkeeping coach.

The figure of Lopis, who returned to Valdebebas this year after leaving in 2018, is essential to Belgium’s solidity as the world’s best goalkeeper. A singularity of elasticity and reflexes combined with a sense of enduring control needed for defense. Even his footwork, probably the main weakness for some time, has improved significantly. Courtois no longer moves the ball by himself, but guides each shipment. This was evident against City at Chamartine, with a handful of balls as the basis for the counterattack.

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Part of the success can be attributed to Thierry Barnett, who joined his work team in late 2021 with the aim of improving the accuracy of his right boot for left-handers. “Their approach is completely different in this aspect. Now every time an opponent comes under pressure, Thibaut’s message is clear: ‘You don’t have to insist, you’re not going to bother me,'” the coach said. Swiss newspaper pages of the week commented Time,

Despite conceding 14 goals, a relatively high tally for a champion team, Courtois’s influence has repeatedly been on display in the knockout rounds. fine saved Leo Massey and the way he dealt Kian Mbappe They only imagined the beginning that would come before Caesar Azpilicueta and Stamford Bridge Kevin De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva hey Phil Foden in Ethad. And off the list was, of course, what was seen against Liverpool.

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“It’s been a long time since I remembered such a decisive goalkeeper in a final”, he remarked iker casillas minutes later marcelo Raised the fourteenth. Of course, only Iker in Madrid’s imagination, along with those marvels in Glasgow, presents a worthy opposition. And this MVP award, which sparks so many controversies, ends with complete justice in Thibaut’s gloves. until Saturday, only Oliver Kahano (2001) Edwin van der Saro (2008) You Petr Cech (2012) were listed in the list of winners.

Starting today, his name will start appearing in the list of favorites for the Ballon d’Or. After more than six decades, only Lev Yashin Raised the trophy in 1963, ahead Gianni Rivera You Jimmy Greaves, Later, dino zoff ranked second after 1973 Johan Cruyffwhereas Oliver Kahano Was third in 2001 and 2002, same position Manuel Neuer in 2014.

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