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Liverpool fans, on Friday Par.  on the streets of
Liverpool fans, on the streets of Paris on Friday.AFP

Some resellers asked him 5,000 euros for tickets and some heartless took 1,000 for another before leaving for the race, but not as well as the spirits of Liverpool fans on the banks of the Seine. . Yesterday in the shadow of Notre-Dame came the echo I feel fineBeatles melody transformed into an anthem and tribute jurgen kloppo, It was Paris in shorts. The smell of beer and sweat.

He paid 6.5 euros for something similar to a pint at Gare du Nord, without any convictions, such as saving energy for a party of the night. Luka a spring sun, for them the irrefutable proof of the existence of God. “People there come from Washington, others from Atlanta. Oh, and she’s from Bahrain,” he says. Jackie Wilcox, Believe it or not, everyone has come without tickets.

At the center of Jackie Malasana is the president of the Liverpool fan club Madrid Reds. It is not insignificance, but emotion. and the touching memory of you’ll never Walk Alone At Plaza de Felipe II, hours before the 2019 final. Forces of the Order expects around 60,000 fans today reds in the city, but only 19,618 will be able to reach the Stade de France.

After much deliberation, UEFA has installed two screens in the Cours de Vincennes, home of the Red Fan Zone. These people will go there with a hangover on their back, which weighs more than the journey itself. Many people flew to Lille and from there they came by train. “My brother-in-law came from Geneva and returned via Milan. Another friend spent a few days in Benidorm and took the plane to Bordeaux. In any case, it’s child’s play compared to what happened in Kyiv,” Jackie, The hungry say to take revenge, of course. But he needs a nemesis to accomplish this. Where are the Madrid fans?

Hardly any news, but there is a traditional note on the flag of john gallardo Under the Eiffel Tower. Statue of Santiago Bernabeu holding beer, red halo and war cry: Comando Ponzano. Just a drop in the white storm that will flare up tomorrow. It’s not just with camaraderie Cristbal Zugastitheir fellow victims, nor great successes Julio Iglesias He is entertained by his trusted taxi driver in Paris. It’s a joy for those who enjoy it, even if it’s in the corner and in row two.

“My father always tells me that I am a Real Madrid fan before I was a person, because he signed me up as a member before he took me to the registry,” says someone who has ever entered eight draws. did not do. Not even in the last. But on Thursday afternoon everything was about to change. As I booked the hotel a year ago, yesterday morning I took AVE to Valencia: 380 euros for the flight from Manis.

Survival was tough for the Real Madrid Caravan which wound up on the Paris side late yesterday. Even the roadside motel was out of stock. Meanwhile, about 200 km to the west, Odyssey ruban galandez, by bus from Nantes. “Everything was going well until there were no problems. overbooking In Barjas. He had to ask for volunteers and two philanthropic Frenchmen saw fit to land. Passage has paid them a cheer worthy of a goal Karim Benzema,

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