Champions: Real Madrid seeks explanation for St Denis incidents champions league 2021


The club wanted to know “what were the reasons that led to that designation of the venue for the final and what criteria were taken into account of what happened that day”.

Police officers inside St. Denis.
Police officers inside St. Denis.yoan ​​valatiEFE
  • To inform Failed ‘state’ of Saint-Denis: Champions events expose France’s seam

Real Madrid have publicly requested “answers and explanations” for the “regrettable” events of May 28 at the Saint Denis Stadium in Paris, where the Spanish team defeated Liverpool 1-0 to win their fourteenth European champion title. .

“In view of the unfortunate incidents that happened inside the stadium on 28 May, around the Stade de France and at the entrance”, Real Madrid came out in defense of their supporters, “who were the victims of the said incidents”, says an official statement. In.

The Madrid club wanted to know first of all, “what were the reasons that prompted that designation of the venue for the final and what criteria were taken into account of what happened that day”.

He then asks for “answers and explanations that determined who was responsible for leaving fans helpless and defenseless. Some followers whose normal behavior was always exemplary.”

“We understand—adds the note—that what must have been a great football party for all fans attending the game has led to the unfortunate events that caused a deep outrage around the world.”

“Many fans were attacked”

Real Madrid alleged that “many fans were violently attacked, harassed, robbed and robbed” in order to condemn “the revealing images that the media presented”. Were driving in their cars or buses. Honesty. Some of them even had to spend the night in the hospital for the injuries they received.”

“Football has broadcast to the world an image away from the values ​​and objectives it should always pursue. Our followers and fans deserve a response and the relevant responsibilities must be purged so that conditions like the veteran can be removed from football forever. And the game”, concludes the statement.

According to police provincial sources, the Champions League final ended with the arrest of 68 people, of whom 39 were imprisoned.

During the night, after one in the morning, police also clarified that in total, firefighters intervened to take care of 238 people who had suffered minor injuries, without hospitalizing any of them.

The match in which Real Madrid won against Liverpool (1–0) was held up in the context of police tensions, due to retention at the entrance of the stadium and attempts by thousands of others to break into the opening 35 minutes. was delayed.

Officials eventually managed to disperse those who were near the stadium, even using tear gas in some cases, on a night when the Rugby World Cup and a year of hosting two games. Later France was marked by organizational problems.

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