Champions: The Brazilian Clan of Madrid: Music, Football, A “Great Atmosphere” and Hope After Mbop | champions league 2021


In the locker room are Marcelo, Militao, Casemiro, Rodrigo and Vinicius. The youngest gained weight after mbapp’s “no”. “Having two giants has helped them adapt faster”

Casemiro, Vinicius and Militao, from behind, next to Benzema.
Casemiro, Vinicius and Militao, from behind, next to Benzema.Kema King

Rodrigo scored the winning goal against Difference in San Sirorepeated next to the double of vinicius from 0-5. in Shakhtar in Kyiv, vinicius scored in the semi-finals of super cup In front of him barcelona, Rodrigo scored in front of Chelsea in rooms and in PizzaJunin a decisive match for Liga, vinicius on the way to Etihad against him Manchester City You Rodrigoagain, around it’s gray, along with their goals BenzemaHave taken Madrid soaring towards the prospect of a historic treble Liga, Champions You Spanish Super Cup, three titles that will take the Brazilian signing in their goals and defensive tenacity which is a set of Carlo Ancelotti for most of the season. oh they shine Militao and Casemiro, and on his side, the management of the locker room, a marcelo Who knows how to be the father, teacher and best friend of a new capital generation for Madrid.

The quintet of Brazilians from Valdebebas is the key to the present and future of Chamartán sports pitch with your goals and your good performance and important who ruled in a good environment vault room during this season. Two of them are already legends, Marcelo and CasemiroOther, get rid ofThe defense is undisputed despite a more erratic year, and the two youngests Vinicius and Rodrigo appear as the main emergency rafts for Madrid’s hope. mbapp. not from, Having two stalwarts like Marcelo and Casemiro in the dressing room has helped compatriots Customize fast for Madrid, Count on Chamarton’s close circle of young stars to understand what it means to play here and how to make the right first move at the club.

Music, Dinner and Footwear

in the locker room, and whenever I let them Lucas VazquezWho’s boss with the music they sound thiguinho hey have children, Vinicius and Rodrigo’s favorite singer. Always samba between laughter and dance. wine from ambientazzo, they joke with Valdebebas. If his relationship with Marcelo and Casemiro is more professional, then the relationship between the former, like the elder and younger brothers, mentors flamengo With Rodrigo and Militao it overtakes Sports City. They go out to dinner, meet to play video game consoles or play footvolley at Vinicius’s house, and they share interests that are more in common than those sought by Marcelo and Casemiro. 34 and 30 toMarried and with children. He is the father of youth.

The nearest future of Madrid is named after the Brazilians. Militao, Casemiro and Vinicius will start against Liverpool, while Rodrigo Ancelotti are great catalysts as well. camavinga, Marcelo, in what could be his last game, will have to watch from the bench and hope to extend his Orzona after ninety minutes. with him The Renewal of Militao and Vinicius well on track and Rodrigo and Casemiro contract Settled 2025The only doubt is Marcelo’s next move.

In the distance, interest in the new pearl of Brazilian football, andrikwho has already agreed to his first professional contract at age 15 Palm trees Till then 2025, Ah, Madrid will wait for him, obsessed and convinced that the signing’Vinicius type‘ Against club-states are the best solution. He could be the future of a clan that mixes young and experienced, the experience (Marcelo and Casemiro have already won four champions) and the appetites of Milito, Vinicius and Rodrigo, who seek their victories. first champions league,

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