Champions: Thibaut Courtois tears, lost in Lisbon, lost in Paras. champions league 2021

Liverpool 0 – Real Madrid 1


The Belgian goalkeeper was key to Real Madrid’s victory with his defense against Salah

Courtois celebrates
Courtois celebrates the title with a stand.Friedman BirdEFE

Deca Thibaut Courtois said in the preview that he was now “on the good side of history”. on that good side is a generation of fans who were born with the goal of Mijatovic In the seventh, they grew up with the eighth and ninth, they vibrated with three consecutive Oregons as teenagers and now, 24 years after Amsterdam, they have conquered Paris with Belgium, defeated in Lisbon as Rogiblanco. Kia, the hero capital in French.

The two-metre giant born in Brie saved Madrid in the first half with two nearly impossible hand-shots Man You request, Liverpool’s top star, and watched by goal as his team reacted in the same way as in all the knockout stages of this Champions League. Sleepy and overwhelmed in the first half, the White team wakes up as match time approaches: ‘Madrid moment’. The moment that changed the history of this team in this European Cup.

A low cross shot from Uruguay, a ride by Fede Valverde, between a shot and a center, a touch of vinicius for the network Alison While Alexander-Arnold felt that Brazil was behind. two sparks. He no longer needed Ancelotti’s team, who embraced himself with his son. David In the technical field, hands in pockets and solemn gestures, while Vinicius kissed the shield repeatedly. The footballer with the highest market value of all the people on the pitch showed that the future would be written in his name. He scored his fourth goal in this Champions League, the 22nd goal of a tremendous season in a match that made the European Cup great, as requested by the Spanish and English fans who crowded the edge of the Eiffel Tower. . Seine, in the Trocadero gardens, all Saturday mornings. In the heart of Paris, the Madridists and the ‘Reds’ met on a banner that read, ‘End to Glory We Will Go’ (“Glory to Well Go”). The glory was to the north in the direction of the Porte de Saint-Denis, through which the crowned kings entered the Gallic capital at the Cathedral of Reims. 500 meters from the monument, the rectangle where the streets of Liverpool and Real Madrid met.

The Cross and the Glory of Modric

And cried for Glory Courtois. During the break, the Belgian discussed key moves from the first half with Carvajal. Later, annoyed and impotent, shakes his head. Next to him, Valverde looked to the ground, reflecting on his night. Back, Vinicius talks with Benzema. Belgium, Uruguay and Brazilian played the lead in the second 45 minutes. Vinicius scored, Valverde passed and Courtois continued to dress as the hero. a stretch shot from requestA twin before the Egyptian touches near the field, a few fists in front of a dead ball that Jota was looking for … The existence of Madrid, who sank even more into the play of sustenance by advancing on the scoreboard, was the goalkeeper.

In the final ten minutes of the final, another start from Salah and another saving hand from Courtois, another high ball and another ball caught by the Belgian, which was embraced by his teammates as every second was the last of the final. And it is that everything in Madrid is experienced as a still last time. It didn’t matter that she was the fifth from his spine and the first of his illustrious generation of youth. Veteran and Novice. That is the glory. And Pride, in Paris, went to Courtois, who cried inconsolably at the fence while looking at the stands in search of his family. Glory went to Kroos and Modric, lying on the grass of their inheritance. And the glory went to Vinicius, in tears for a goal that went down in Madrid history. “So, therefore, Madrid wins,” Stand sang. That’s how I won in Paris.

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