Champions: When Eden met Moe: “Hazard was unstoppable, Messi level, and Salah was going through a tough time” champions league 2021

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They were matched at Chelsea in 2014, when the Belgian was the best player in the Premier League and Egypt were relegated and transferred to Fiorentina. Eight years later, one would face his first Champions League final and the other his third.

Hazard and Salah, during their time at Chelsea.
Hazard and Salah, during their time at Chelsea.

On 1 January 2015, Chelsea from Jose Mourinho Many of his options gambled on the old white Hart Lanestadium of tottenham, He reached with a profit of three points Manchester City And a good result was needed to maintain the lead. that’s why when Eden Hazard in the frame min 61 4-2 After a terrible first hour that brought the Blues close on the scoreboard, Mau looked at his bench and bet on a 22 year old Egyptian That he hardly had any chance during the first third of the course. And on that grass, defeat through Eden Hazard and Mohamed Salahi Shared the same jersey for the last time.

Seven and a half years later that afternoon in London, Hazard, was born in January 1991and Salah, June 1992cross their paths again, now a . in champions league final, First for Belgium and third for African. A surreal and completely unexpected fact for anyone who watched a Chelsea game during that season. Eden almost single handedly won that premiere, It was a great team with Costa, Cesc… but Hazard was the best. was invincibletells the world Philip Lewistitle to the left of Stamford Bridge What surprised me the most about him when I visited that year was that he didn’t force himself to be the best, it just came naturally to him. Always choose the best move, the hardest one. and then easy to bargain, it was no effort for him. I was very surprised. He had a very natural and fun way of playing football. I looked at him and said: ‘my mom, messi level, see in him what makes him different Cracks To make a team champion, he says.

Best in Hazard, Premiere

Madrid’s current number ‘7’, ‘10′ Dale Chelsea At that time, Mark 14 goals and 10 assists distributed In 38 games he played in the Premier League 14–15, and added three goals and three assists in seven Champions League appearances before losing in the round of 16 against PSG. won the title In England, he won the award for player of the season and finished Eighth in the Ballon d’Ore,

Meanwhile, Salah went on debt. fiorentina Scored more after playing only 30 minutes in premiere in January six goals I played in 16 games a league, A great performance that grabbed everyone’s attention Roma, who requested his assignment for the next season. He was going through a very difficult time at Chelsea. He came, he played good games, but he wasn’t a fixture in the eleven. He was so confident in his talent that he did not feel like going to Fiorentina at all. He left because he thought he needed to play and say: ‘you will see who i am, That confidence made him successful,” reflects the Brazilian defender.

Salah’s outburst: “He had that inside of him”

In the Italian capital, Egypt exploded, including a spectacular performance against Madrid in the Champions League round of 16. Accumulate 34 goals and 22 assists In two seasons and ‘Majboor’ liverpool close 42 million per liter, The key to his explosion was his confidence in his football. It was seen that he was a player of great potential, but he lacked the confidence. He was inside her. When a player has that personality, you have to let him play and be successfulExplain

In a matter of months, Chelsea ousted Salah had crossed the star’s distance, separating him from Hazard, who won the premiere again in 2017 and placed himself at his level in the media. lead to liverpool 2018 Champions Final In his first season in England, he returned Egypt yet World 28 years later and finished Sixth in the Ballon d’Ore of that season. riskWhich was Silver Ball in Russiai saw him eighth place,

2019 will be even more difficult for Belgium, who discovered it’s gray The glory he had not achieved in London. 2013–14 Champions League semi-final in which he fell strong They were still, five years later, their best result in maximum continental competition. Something Very Rare For One Of The Soccer Players Who Has Been Removed From The Throne Messi and Cristiano, Madrid and Ronaldo’s ‘7’ legacy looked good to go to the altar of Europe.

You already know the story, Hazard has been through the past three years between injuries and Salah has won the 2019 ChampionsThe 2020 premiere hasn’t come down to any more Ballon d’Or Top 10 in the last three editions. two facts, 203 goals for Egypt compared to 67 for Belgium From 2015, who will cross on the grass Stade de France this Saturday.

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