Chanel, after its third place in Eurovision: “Nothing is written about cowards. We bet on art”


Hispanic-Cuban achieves the best Spanish status since the 1980s and establishes itself in the Eurovision Olympus of our country

channel, during its performance
Chanel during her performance at EurovisionAP
  • Festival Ukraine won Eurovision and the channel won its chanelazo. Created history by reaching third place with
  • interview Chanel: “I Won’t Change My Song Lyrics Because Art Can’t Be Censored”

Wearing sunglasses to hide her tears of joy, Chanel arrived in this edition with her third place after blowing up the Eurovision Song Contest. The Hispanic-Cuban singer is already part of the national Eurovision Olympus, which has not been with her since 1984, almost 40 years ago. Slomo. And he does it with the naturalness he has been showing since day one when he won at Benidorm.

It was the Valencian city, with all the controversy surrounding her victory, that elevated to an artist who has now shown that she can only be a star. “We are focused on what is ours and we are winners because we have given everything”Chanel recalled with tears in her first speech on the verge of escape due to the nearness of a victory that was not the case, even if it felt like it.

The state of war in Ukraine eliminated one possibility that might have been possible in another geopolitical context: victory. But the Spanish representative did not want to hide behind it in order to justify the victory of the Kalush orchestra. “I find it unbelievable that they won because we have supported them from the first minute.”, This morning I woke up to the beat of his song”, he explained before entering the area of ​​the hardships he has faced in recent months.

“Honestly, as I’ve said many times, I don’t work for others, I work for myself, for my team. I don’t want to know anything about bad energy and if the mouth is closed, it’s something natural“, has deepened the singer, who was subjected to a harsh campaign via social networks with personal insults after her victory at the Benidorm Fest and her candidacy for Eurovision.

He also wanted to leave a message about it: “Nothing is written about cowards and we have carried forward the artWe have chosen this because it cannot be censored. Let anyone figure it out, but the background is clear for those who chose to revise the song as sexist.

But if Chanel had anything to offer, it was the spirit, following her performance at the festival. One of the Spanish spectators, watching her family in the stands, was about to knock the Turin Olympic shovel when she came out on stage. ,It’s been a dream and we thank you all”, he said, before revealing that his father, Catalan, stood with the Cuban flag in honor of his native. “mixing is the essence”commented.

In the short time between the media attention and the end of the gala, the channel has been able to speak with its dance guru. “He saw me cry and the first thing he told me was what was wrong with me. But it was only happiness,” he assured before admitting The need for “a little rest” and the desire to “eat lots of chocolate and paella.”

Even given the possibility that Ukraine would not be able to host the next festival because of the war and Spain’s firm proposal to do so, the Spanish representative was “delighted” that it would happen. It has been less firm in terms of the exact headquarters it can host with offers from several cities such as Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Las Palmas, Zaragoza or Madrid. “Barcelona is my cradle and Madrid is my home, but any place would be good to do it”.

Nor did the Hispanic-Cuban woman want to forget the support from a vast majority of the music sector in our country and internationally. From Eleni Forreira to Thalia or her compatriot Jotuel, But also of many political representatives, such as the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez or the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida. “I can’t see anything, I don’t have time,” he admitted.

And it looks like he won’t even have it, at least in the short term, because tomorrow he’ll already be in Madrid to stage the capital’s patron saint, San Isidro Meado, who celebrates this weekend. Is. Then that break would come, before continuing with her professional life, which at the moment does not propose a new appearance at the festival. “Now I’m soft enough to say I’m coming back, but it’s fair to let other artists experience it”It is finished.

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